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This guide will show you how to listen to the music of Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see the full list of songs, as well as how to access them within the game.

Music in Miitopia

The Music Adds Excitement to Your Journey

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The Music section in Miitopia is a library of incidental music that can be heard during various events in the game. They help elevate your experience and add excitement to your journey.

Where to Listen to Music in Miitopia?

Access the Music Section on the Journal

Miitopia - Tracklist.jpg

You can listen to specific songs in Miitopia by opening the Menu and selecting Records. Go to Journal after and then press Music to see the list of unlocked songs in the game.

To unlock more songs, you have to hear the music first during gameplay before they are recorded in the Journal.

List of Songs

There are a total of 247 tracks in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia, compared to the DS version which had 204. New tracks were added to compliment the new gameplay mechanics in the Switch version such as Outings and the Horse.

Note: The tracklist below is incomplete, as we are still searching for the remaining tracks. We will update this page as soon as we have found new songs in the game.

Track No. Song Title
001 A Lively Inn
002 Mmmmm!
003 People's Profiles
004 Getting Changed
005 Browsing the Journal
006 Mii Characters of Miitopia
007 More Mii Characters!
008 Inn-Time Events
009 Got My Eye on You...
010 Let's Make Up
011 Surprise Present
012 Inn Workout
013 Look What I Bought!
014 Look What I Bought...
015 Under the Weather
016 All Better Now
017 Take Care
018 Zonked
019 Spin the Roulette?
020 Round and Around...
021 Roulette: Gold Prize
022 Roulette: Silver Prize
023 Roulette: Bronze Prize
024 Roulette: Runner-Up
025 Rock, Paper, Scissors!
026 Nightime Inn
027 In That Holiday Mood
028 Catalogue Orders
029 A Cozy Campfire
030 Camping's End
031 Wishing Upon a Star
032 Quiz: Challenge
033 Quiz: Question
034 Quiz: Pondering
035 Quiz: Final Question
036 Quiz: Congratulations!
037 Quiz: Better Luck Next Time
038 Itinerant Gentleman
039 A Pioneer's Pride
040 Got an amiibo?
041 Bon Appetit!
042 Delivery!
043 To the Inn!
044 Plodding Home
045 Choose a Mii
046 Assigning Mii Roles
047 Greenhorne
048 Greenhorne Castle
049 Neksdor Town
050 Elven Retreat
051 Haven Hollow
052 Traveler's Hub
053 A Troubled Town
054 Friends I
055 Friends II
056 Friends III
057 Friends IV
058 Friends V
059 Forgiven
060 Irate
061 Opening: Miitopia at Peace
062 Opening: End of Peace
063 Opening: A Shadow Looms
064 Opening: Rise of Monsters
065 Opening: A Simple Traveler
066 Opening: Who...?
067 Opening: Run Away!
068 Dark Lord's Theme
069 Divine Theme
070 Divine Blessing
071 Your First Battle
072 Put a Smile on Your Face
073 The King's Theme
074 Losing Face
075 A Happy Ending
076 The Princess's Theme
077 The Nobleboy's Theme
078 The Prince's Theme
079 The Great Sage's Theme
080 The Genie's Theme
081 Ballad of the Fairies: Youngest
082 Ballad of the Fairies: Middle
083 Ballad of the Fairies: Eldest
084 Ballad of the Fairies: Complete
085 The Fab Fairies Dance
086 The Dragon's Theme
087 The Darker Lord's Theme
088 Fly, Dragon Riders!
089 The Path to Victory
090 The Darkest Hour
091 The Unrelenting Dark Curse
092 A Past Fraught with Sorrow
093 Origin of the Curse
094 End of the Dark Curse
095 Purging the Dark Curse
096 Ending: Divine Words
097 Ending: We're a Team
098 Ending: We Saved the World
099 Who Put This Door Here?
100 Open Up!
101 A New Recruit
102 Villa: Grand Opening
103 Arrival: Greenhorne
104 Arrival: Nightmare Tower
105 Arrival: Neksdor Desert
106 Arrival: Elven Forest
107 Arrival: Karkaton
108 Arrival: Powdered Peaks
109 Arrival: Peculia
110 Arrival: Nimbus
111 Arrival: The Sky Scraper
112 Arrival: Galados Isle
113 Map: Greenhorne
114 Map: Neksdor
115 Map: Realm of the Fey
116 Map: Karkaton
117 Map: Dark Lord's Castle
118 Map: Powdered Peaks
119 Map: Peculia
120 Map: Nimbus
121 Map: The Sky Scraper
122 Map: Otherworld
123 Map: Galados Isle
124 Map: New Lumos
125 Map: Strange Place
126 Map: Horrific Place
127 Map: Miitopia
128 Stage: Easin Hills
129 Stage: Strange Grove
130 Stage: Subterranean
131 Stage: Arid Frontier
132 Stage: Castle View
133 Stage: Nightmare Tower
134 Stage: Neksdor Desert
135 Stage: Wetland Way
136 Stage: Underground Maze
137 Stage: The Great Pyramid
138 Stage: Lotus Lake
139 Stage: Elven Forest
140 Stage: Bigg Forest
141 Stage: Karkaton Ascent
142 Stage: Karkaton
143 Stage: Karkaton Peak
144 Stage: Dark Lord's Castle
145 Stage: Ghontu Waste
146 Stage: Ghontu Cave
147 Stage: Tschilly Peak
148 Stage: Peculia
149 Stage: Eerie Road
150 Stage: Manor Macabre
151 Stage: Nimbus
152 Stage: Sterile Plant
153 Stage: Sinister Plant
154 Stage: The Sky Scraper
155 Stage: Darker Lord's Domain
156 Stage: Otherworld
157 Stage: Galados Isle
158 Stage: Midland Marsh
159 Stage: New Lumos
160 Prebattle: Daunting Opponent
161 Prebattle: Imminent Clash
162 Prebattle: Be Brave
163 Prebattle: Calamity Bringer
164 Battle Intro: It's a Baddie!
165 Battle Intro: Here I Go!
166 Battle Intro: I'm Gonna Win!
167 Battle: Greenhorne
168 Battle: Neksdor
169 Battle: Realm of the Fey
170 Battle: Karkaton
171 Battle: Powdered Peaks
172 Battle: Peculia
173 Battle: Nimbus
174 Battle: The Sky Scraper
175 Battle: Galados Isle
176 Battle: New Lumos
177 Battle: Now's Our Chance
178 Boss Battle
179 Boss Battle II
180 Boss Battle III
181 Boss: The Dark Lord
182 Boss: The Dark Lord's Wrath
183 Boss: Darker Lord's Left Hand
184 Boss: Darker Lord's Right Hand
185 Boss: The Darkest Lord
186 Boss: Darker Lord's Final Form
187 We Won!
188 We Lost...
189 The Spoils of War
190 Level Up!
191 New Skill!
192 Title: Greenhorne
193 Title: Neksdor
194 Title: Realm of the Frey
195 Title: Karkaton
196 Title: The Dark Lord's Castle
197 Title: Powdered Peaks
198 Title: Peculia
199 Title: Nimbus
200 Title: The Sky Scraper
201 Title: Otherworld
202 Title: Galados Isle
203 Title: New Lumos
204 Title: Miitopia
205 Makeup
206 Wigs
207 Outing: Time Together
208 Outing: Seaside Fever
209 Outing: Seaside Relaxation
210 Outing: Cafe
211 Outing: Fishing Spot
212 Outing: Karaoke 1
213 Outing: Karaoke 2
214 Outing: Karaoke 3
215 Outing: Museum
216 Outing: Stargazing
217 Outing: Park
218 Outing: Ranch
219 Outing: Shopping
220 Cinema Outing: The Curtains Part!
221 Cinema Outing: Viewing 1
222 Cinema Outing: Viewing 2
223 Cinema Outing: Action
224 Cinema Outing: Thrilling
225 Cinema Outing: Scary
226 Cinema Outing: Mysterious
227 Cinema Outing: Looong
228 Cinema Outing: Very Looong
229 Cinema Outing: Puzzled
230 Cinema Outing: That's All...
231 Outing: Library
232 Cinema Outing: Botanical Garden
233 Outing: Cooking Class
234 Gym Outing
235 Gym Outing: Barbell Blast
236 Gym Outing: The Burn!
237 Party Time!
238 Horse: First Encounter
239 Horse: To the Rescue!
240 Horse: Disappointment
241 Stable: Horse Bonding
242 Stable: A New Beginning?
243 Stable: Delicious!
244 Stable: High Spirits
245 Stable: Sadness
246 Stable: Shock
247 Stable: Excitement

Unlock Medals By Collecting Songs

Miitopia - Music Medal.jpg

You can unlock Medals by collecting songs. There are three Music-related milestones to cross in the game:

Medal No. Medal Name Unlock Condition
130 Heard 70 songs Hear 70 different songs.
131 Heard 100 songs Hear 100 different songs.
132 Heard 150 songs Hear 150 different songs.

How to Unlock All Medals

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