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This is a guide for beating the Tower of Despair, the final area of Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch! Read on to learn about the only new area added to Miitopia and how to beat the most difficult enemies of the game!

How to Unlock Tower of Despair

Clear Tower of Dread

Miitopia Unlock Tower of Despair.jpg

The Tower of Despair is a new area added to the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is unlocked after defeating the Tower of Dread in New Lumos. Once you enter, you cannot leave or give up, until you beat the Tower or lose, so it's recommended to be well-prepared for the Tower of Despair beforehand.

Best Team for Tower of Despair

Offense-Heavy Party

Miitopia Tower of Despair Best Party.jpg

The party prioritizes offense and dealing damage, while also having skills that act as defensive walls or make up for status effect afflictions.

Job Best Personalities/Strengths
(Position: 2nd from left)
Main Character: Cool, Level 44
・Main attacker
・Gets in attacks before the enemy with high Speed
・Deals high damage with Sharpen Claws and Feline Frenzy combo
・Buff stats +47-63 with Grub
・Main Character should have Level 99 relationship with Horse
(Position: 1st/leftmost position)
Party Member 1: Cool, Level 44
・High health and attack power
Dark Eye Slash skill deals great damage and has a high activation probability
Super Snap Out of It skill can revive a fallen friend back into battle
・Buff stats +29-52 with Grub
・Make sure to have the Mounted Attack III skill (unlocked at Horse relationship level 60)
(Position: 3rd from left)
Party Member 2: Cool, Level 44
Safety Mask is a great skill for protecting party members
・Gets in attacks before the enemy with high Speed
Black Hole skill deals powerful damage to all enemies
・Buff stats +33-52 with Grub
・Good to reach relationship level 50 with the Horse for the Neigh II skill
VampireVampire (Position: Leftmost or rightmost position) Party Member 3: Energetic, Level 44
・Placed on either edge so it will be more readily targeted for enemy attacks
Revive skill can make the Vampire a defensive wall
Curse skill returns half the damage to the enemy
・Energetic personality and overall stats of Vampire help you reserve Sprinkles
Bat Tornado skill is useful to defeat enemies
・Buff stats +21-63 with Grub
・Make sure to have the Mounted Attack III skill (unlocked at Horse relationship level 60)
Scientists or Clerics are recommended as the Traveler companion of the party.

Warriors may be replaced

Original Party Member - Alternative Party Member
WarriorWarrior ElfElf
WarriorWarrior ClericCleric

Because the Warrior is vulnerable to Magic attacks and the activation probability of the Super Snap Out of It skill isn't that high, you can fulfill the Warrior's intended role with either an Elf or a Cleric. The Elf has the Dancing Arrow support skill and the Forest Aegis defensive skill, while the Cleric has the Righteous Anger insta-kill skill and very reliable recovery/revival skills.

This is only recommended if your Elf or Cleric party members deal more damage than your Warrior.

Position Vampires first or last

The Tower of Despair bosses have the ability to attack multiple party members at once, so it's best to direct most attacks towards the Vampire by putting them in the first or last positions. The Vampire can take the hits as well as revive itself even if it falls.

Also, you won't want your Main Character, the Cat, taking damage or a status effect while they're sharpening their claws, as they're the main damage dealer of the party.

Cool is generally best personality

As with the main story, Cool is generally the best personality to go with. In the Tower of Despair, you'll face a lot of enemies that you'll need to last long against in battle. You can't rely on Sprinkles, so the Cool personality is generally best for dealing extra attacks and the 10% chance of avoiding enemy attacks.

Vampires are the exception, as their Curse skill necessitates being attacked by enemies, which makes it somewhat incompatible with the Cool personality.

Best Personality for All Jobs: Personality Tier List

What You Need Before Tower of Despair

Checkmark.pngLevel up each member to Level 40 or higher

EXP Farming: Best Level Grinding Spots
Checkmark.pngUpgrade Weapons and Armor by 17,000 to 20,000G

List of Equipment

Buff Your Stats Through Grub or Equipment

Miitopia Upgrade Stats Food Grub

The Tower of Despair is the hardest area of Miitopia, so you should definitely buff your stats, through both upgrading equipment and eating Grub. It's recommended to only feed Grub to the party members that will face the Tower of Despair, so you're not spread thin when it comes to stat buffs. Note that the priority of stats to buff will vary between Jobs.

How to Farm Grub and Best Grub to Farm

Max Out Sprinkles and Safe Spot Levels

Miitopia Switch Safe Spot 04.png

It's important to max out the level of the Sprinkles and the Safe Spot before facing the Tower of Despair. You're going to heavily rely on Sprinkles and the Safe Spot to recover HP and MP during the Tower of Despair, so maxing out the quantity of Sprinkles and the power of the Safe Spot is important. This is done by rescuing 2,500 faces (defeating 2,500 enemies).

Add a Traveler to Your Party

One exploit you can do is recruit a Traveler from the Traveler's Hub to your party by accepting a quest from them. After accepting their quest, they will aid your party until you beat that quest, so you can actually get them to help you defeat the Tower of Despair. It's recommended to recruit a Cleric or a Scientist, mainly as a support to recover or prevent status ailments.

Buff Relationship Levels Between Party Members

Miitopia Switch Safe Spot 03.png

Your party members are prone to getting knocked out while battling in the Tower of Despair, but you can turn that into your advantage by utilizing the Avenge assists and Resurgence assist, all unlocked when 2 Mii's reach relationship Level 20. Avenge gives party members an attack boost when their friend gets knocked out, while Resurgence allows a party member to be revived if another party member falls before them.

Resurgence also works well when paired with the Safe Spot, in order to get your party members back up to full health quickly. The Get Well Soon assist unlocked at relationship level 7 speeds this recovery up even more.

Relationship Guide: How to Increase Relationship Level

Reduce Number of HP Bananas to 0

It's best to get rid of all your HP bananas before taking on the Tower of Despair. HP bananas and MP candy replenish your HP/MP very minimally, yet they take a whole turn to consume. The Safe Spot and Sprinkles are much more efficient ways of recovering HP and MP.

When a party member's (besides your own) HP or MP go below 50%, the party member will automatically take a turn to consume the banana or candy. You don't want that to occur in the Tower of Despair, since you want to use your actions wisely, so the best you can do is remove bananas from your inventory by going to the area in Galados Isle with the UFOs that HP steal bananas.

Determine Speed of Each Party Member

Miitopia How to Beat Tower of Despair

Make sure to determine the Speed stat of each party member before you enter the Tower of Despair. It helps with immediately determining the order of actions during battle, which is important for the timing of when to use Sprinkles and the Safe Spot. If 2 party members have the same Speed, the order might alternate during battle, which may cause you to lose track of when to utilize certain game-changing tactics.

Tips for Beating Tower of Despair

Don't Fast-Forward (Timing is Important)

Miitopia Switch Tower of Despair Autobattle.jpg

Don't fast-forward through the battle (by pressing B, ZL, or ZR), since you could potentially miss important beats in battle. Timing is important, as a well-timed use of the Safe Spot or Sprinkles could be game-changing.

Maximize Use of Safe Spot

Miitopia Switch Tower of Despair Safe Spot.jpg

The Safe Spot is one of the best recovery actions in the game. It can simultaneously recover HP and MP, and the amount of recovery is much greater than of consuming HP bananas or MP candies (which also take up one turn each). Party members in the Safe Spot can't be damaged by the enemy as well.

How to Use the Safe Spot Efficiently

Identify Order of Actions Immediately

Miitopia Switch Tower of Despair Tips.jpg

In the first turn of every battle, immediately identify the order of actions between your party members and the enemy's line-up. By knowing the order of actions from the first turn, you can calculate when enemies will attack and when party members must be healed. This is also why you shouldn't fast-forward, especially on the first turn.

Keep the Menu on During Battle

Miitopia Tower of Despair Sprinkles.jpg

Even if you know the order of actions and refrain from fast-forwarding, you could still potentially miss the opportunities for utilizing Sprinkles or the Safe Spot if your Menu isn't opened in time. To avoid this, you can keep your Menu open during the entire battle, so you don't miss a moment and so that the battle pauses when you're about to use Sprinkles or the Safe Spot.

Reserve Sprinkles Until 6F

The Tower of Despair is structured into 8 consecutive battles, with the 6th battle (taking place on 5F) being difficult due to the one-hit-kill of the Fiend, so Sprinkles will be needed in this battle. Try to reserve your Sprinkles (especially the Life Sprinkle) until this battle, and use other recovery options (such as the Safe Spot) instead.

Sprinkles: How to Unlock and When to Use

Immediately Defeat Enemies With Instant Death

If an enemy isn't labeled with the Boss tag, they can be defeated with one-hit kills, which means most of the enemies up to the 6F can be defeated with one-hit kills. It will be extremely useful to have a party member with the skill to deal out a one-hit kill, such as the Cleric.

Tower of Despair Enemies

GF: Elite Goblins x 6

Tower of Despair Elite Goblin.jpg
Actions Pattern
1 Normal physical attack on 1 party member
2 Teases and makes Angry 1 party member

Elite Goblins shouldn't be defeated all at once, but instead dispatched one at a time. Even if their physical attack is strong, they shouldn't be difficult to defeat, if you efficiently use the Safe Spot.

2F: Heavy Golem

Tower of Despair Heavy Golem.jpg
Actions Pattern
1 Normal physical attack on 1 party member and the 2 party members beside it

The Heavy Golem acts twice in one turn, dealing a direct physical attack to 1 party member. Note that the 2 party members adjacent to the 1 attacked directly will also each take 50% of the initial damage.

3F: Neon Pharaohs x 3

Tower of Despair Neon Pharaoh.jpg
Actions Pattern
1 Curses 1 party member with Pharaoh
2 Normal physical attack on 2 party members

Each Neon Pharaoh acts once in a turn, but because of its low Speed, even Warriors and Vampires can attack ahead of it. When afflicted by the Pharaoh's Curse, immediately put the afflicted party member in the Safe Spot, so that they take the next turn to heal. Even if the party member fails to heal the curse, if they're not holding an HP Banana, all it will do is prevent them from acting.

4F: Colossal Serpent

Tower of Despair Colossal Serpent.jpg
Actions Pattern
1 Magic attack on all party members
2 Normal physical attack on 1 party member

The Colossal Serpent acts thrice in a turn, but because of its low Speed, even Warriors and Vampires can attack ahead of it. Its magic attack is powerful, dealing at least 100 points of damage, but it doesn't use it consecutively in one turn. In order to defeat this enemy, just balance out dealing strong attacks with having party members retreat to the Safe Spot to avoid getting badly damaged.

5F: Gourmet Burgers x 4

Tower of Despair Gourmet Burger.jpg
Actions Pattern
1 Eats a party member (the party member is incapacitated until the monster spits it out.)
2 Normal physical attack on 1 party member

Each of the Gourmet Burgers acts once per turn. Be wary that they could eat 3 of your party members and only return them 2 turns later. This means that for 1 turn, your only remaining party member must withstand the normal attacks of 4 burgers before your teammates get spat out and rejoin the fight. Other than that, the Burgers don't really do much damage with the normal attacks so just keep taking them out one by one.

6F: Red Fiend, Blue Goddess x 2

Tower of Despair Red Fiend Blue Goddess.jpg
Actions Pattern (Red Fiend)
1 One-hit-kill on 1 party member (999 damage)
2 Normal physical attack on 1 party member (rarely used)
Actions Pattern (Blue Goddess)
1 Will make a party member Evil, causing them to interfere with other party members' actions
2 Normal physical attack on 1 party member
3 Magic attack on all party members

The Red Fiend and the 2 Blue Goddess each act once per turn. Despite being a Fiend, the Red Fiend isn't automatically the first move, so don't instinctively put a party member in the Safe Zone, as you could better utilize them as offense. In the Walkthrough Team's experience, the Cat and Scientist party members were able to act before the Red Fiend.

The Red Fiend's one-hit-kill is troublesome as always, but remember that even it is susceptible to a one-hit-kill, especially now that it isn't automatically the first one to act.

Red Fiend is nearly invulnerable to magic

Like other Fiends, the Red Fiend has high defense against magic attacks. To counter this, use the Vampire's Bat Tornado skill, which is the Vampire's strong (and only) physical attack.

How to Beat the Fiend

Use Sprinkles in this battle

This is the battle you have reserved your Sprinkles for, so consume them at will. It's recommended to use HP/Shield and Hyper Sprinkles on party members in the Safe Spot or the Vampire, as they're resurrected, so that Sprinkles are not wasted on party members afflicted by the Blue Goddesses.

Defeat Blue Goddesses first

While the Scientist should provide your party with Safety Mask, it's still better to defeat the Blue Goddesses first, so they don't interfere with your actions by corrupting your party members.

7F: Light Lord, Light Sage

Tower of Despair Boss Light Lord Light Sage.jpg
Actions Pattern (Light Sage)
1 Lock on, then unlease powerful magic attack on 2 party members 1 turn after
2 Magic attack on all party members
3 Magic attack on 1 party member
Actions Pattern (Light Lord)
1 Attacks all party members with falling rocks
2 Puts a party member to sleep and inflicts a Nightmare
3 Normal physical attack on 1 party member

Both the Light Lord and the Lighter Lord act twice per turn. You can use HP and MP Sprinkles for recovery, but any Sprinkles you have from the previous floor should be reserved for the next and final floor.

Beware of the Light Sage's attacks

The Light Lord is relatively easy to deal with, but the Light Sage's magic attack is really powerful. The Sage's party-wide magic attack hits hard and its lock-on attack deals very high (and often lethal) damage to two party members. It also attacks twice in one turn, so you could potentially lose your whole party in one turn. The Life Sprinkle would come in handy here, but if you used it in the previous battle, you could also use the Safe Spot to keep a party member safe. It's highly advised to focus on taking out the Light Sage first.

Resurgence is important here

Because of the Light Sage's ability to swiftly knock out your party members, a relationship level of at least 20 between all party members becomes important. It allows them to activate a Resurgence, where they are revived after another party member is knocked out. Furthermore, having relationship level 20 also means you have unlocked Avenge II, which could increase your attack power, which is greatly helpful in defeating the Lighter Lord.

Apex: Boss Snurp

Tower of Despair Apex Boss Snurp.jpg
Actions Pattern (Boss Snurp)
1 Normal physical attack on 1 party member and the 2 party members beside it
2 Summons 2 Juvenile Snurp
(From about 65% of HP remaining)
3 Inflicts random status effect (Happy, Aging, Petrification, Crying, etc.)
(From about 34% of HP remaining)
Actions Pattern (Juvenile Snurp)
1 Attacks a party member and automatically reduces their HP to 1.

The Boss Snurp only attacks with normal physical attacks twice per turn. When it's reduced to only 34% of its HP, it will begin to attack thrice per turn. Keep in mind that the Boss Snurp's HP, Attack, and Defense stats are all very high.

Boss Snurp Detailed Guide

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