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This is a list of all the amiibo outfits available in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch! Find out all the amiibo costumes and outfits of popular Nintendo characters you can unlock in Miitopia!

How to Use Amiibo to get Amiibo Outfits in Miitopia

How to Use amiibo in Miitopia.jpg

Amiibo are official Nintendo merchandise that you can use with Nintendo games to unlock characters/cosmetic items. In Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch, you can use amiibo when you encounter the Nintendo Fan at various locations on the Map. In doing so, you receive Amiibo Outfits in return.

Miitopia Switch How to Use Amiibo.jpg
After the prompt from the Nintendo Fan, tap your amiibo onto the Right
Stick R stick.png of the Joy-Con
controller or the NFC area of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

List of All Amiibo Outfits

How to Unlock amiibo Miitopia.jpg

You can unlock any of the following Amiibo outfits in-game if you show the corresponding amiibo figure to the Nintendo Fan! If you present non-figure amiibos or non-compatible amiibo figures, you will receive Game Tickets instead.

Outfit/Costume amiibo Character
Mario Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any amiibo of Mario
Luigi Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Green・Red・Yelllow・Light Blue・Blue・Pink・Black・Purple
Yoshi Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Peach Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any Peach amiibo
Daisy Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Rosalina Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Toad Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Bowser Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any Bowser amiibo
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any amiibo of Donkey Kong
Link Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any Link amiibo
Zelda Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any amiibo of Zelda
Ganondorf Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Sheik Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Kirby Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any amiibo of Kirby
Ness Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Visor・No Visor
Samus .png
Samus or Samus Aran
Zero Suit Samus
Zero-Suit-Samus Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Zero Suit Samus
Inkling Girl
Orange・Blue・Lime・Light Blue・Purple・Pink
Inkling-Girl Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Inkling Girl
Inkling Boy
Orange・Blue・Lime・Light Blue・Purple・Pink
Inkling Boy Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Inkling Boy
Callie Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Marie Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Lime・Orange・Blue・Light Blue・Purple・Pink
Inkling-Squid Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Inkling Squid
K.K. Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Isabelle Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Any Isabelle amiibo
Tom Nook
Tom-Nook Outfit Miitopia Switch.png
Tom Nook
Resetti Outfit Miitopia Switch.png

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