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This is a Status Effect guide for Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch! Read on for a list of all Status Effects and a guide on how to recover from status effects!

What are Status Effects?

Miitopia Switch Status Effects

Status Effects are conditions placed upon enemies or members of your party. Most Status Effects have crippling conditions that force Mii's to miss a turn or more. There are Status Effects that affect HP, Attack, Defense, and the other Mii stats, but most Status Effects are inflicted by enemies onto members of your party to make them miss turns.

List of Status Effects

Status Effect Name Effect
Angry The affected performs 2 Attacks in 1 turn. If it's the player's Mii, the player loses control of the Mii.
Laugh The affected can't stop laughing and misses 1 turn.
Terror The affected will be frightened and incapacitated for 1 turn.
Crying The affected cries profusely and has a 30% chance of failing a normal attack for up to 3 turns.
Excited For up to 2 turns, only normal attacks are done, but the damage dealt is tripled.
Evil For up to 3 turns, there's a 50% chance that the affected by Evil will trip their own allies, causing them to miss their turns. Tripping allies will cause resentment in the relationship level to increase.
Anxious For 1 turn, there's a 50% chance the affected will get nervous, cling to their ally, and tell them not to attack. The ally won't attack and the relationship level between them will increase slightly.
Distracted The affected takes 1.5x more damage from enemies for up to 3 turns when distracted.
Happy All stats of the affected, except for HP and MP, are doubled for 3 turns.
Spite The affected will be in a bad mood, causing them to lash out and deal double the damage of a normal attack, or they may not be bothered, causing them to deal only half the damage.
Sleep The affected falls asleep, causing them to miss turns, but they recover HP each turn they are asleep.
Nightmare The affected is lulled to sleep and has a nightmare. They miss turns and lose 20% of their total HP each turn they are asleep.
Dance The affected starts dancing uncontrollably and is forced to miss their next turn.
Puppet The affected is manipulated and controlled like a puppet, forcing them to miss their next turn.
Aging The affected becomes old. Damage dealt by the affected is halved, while damage taken by the affected is increased.
Burned The affected bottom gets burned, causing them to lose 20% of maximum HP each turn.
Eaten The affected gets eaten and ends up inside the monster. The target is incapacitated until the monster spits it out.
Faceless The affected has their face stolen. They are incapacitated until the end of the battle.
Pharaoh The affected acquires the Pharaoh's curse, causing them to give their HP Bananas to the enemy Pharaoh. If the affected doesn't have HP Bananas, they're incapacitated for the turn.
Petrified The affected is turned into stone and is incapacitated for 1 turn.
Ice The affected is frozen in ice and incapacitated for 1 turn.
Blown Away The affected is blown away from the battlefield, causing them to miss 2 turns.
Spiders The affected takes damage every turn and may not be move as well.
Falling Asleep on the Road A party member will randomly fall asleep while on the road. They will not join the next battle until the 2nd turn.

How to Recover from Status Effect

Enter the Safe Spot

Status Effect Recovery Safe Spot.jpg

When affected by a Status Effect, a MIi should immediately be placed in the Safe Spot. One turn in the Safe Spot cures a Mii of all negative Status Effects (except Faceless). The Safe Spot also heals their HP, if it was already reduced by a Status Effect, but you should already act quickly and put the MIi in the Safe Spot right away so that your flow isn't ruined.

Utilize Job Skills

Some Job skills, acquired through leveling up, prevent Status Effects from being inflicted onto the Mii of that Job. For example, the Princess and the Scientist have Skills that prevent the mere infliction of all Status Effects. Below is a list of Jobs with Skills that counter Status Effects, in the order they are available to the player.

Job Lvl. MP Cost Skill
ClericCleric 4 9 Calm
Bring the whole team to their senses with a soothing spell. (magic)
WarriorWarrior 7 4 Snap Out of It
Snap a friend out of it when they're not themselves. (auto)
ScientistScientist 11 8 Safety Mask
Cover a teammate's face with a mask to prevent status ailments. (auto)
CatCat 16 10 Grooming
Take a moment to calm down and groom your fur. (auto)
FlowerFlower 16 10 Grooming
Take a moment to calm down and groom your fur. (auto)
PrincessPrincess 13 8 Blindfold
Pretend not to notice enemy attacks that cause status effects. (auto)

List of All Jobs

Overwrite the Status Condition

Best Ways to Overwrite Status Conditions ・Use the Hyper Sprinkles
・Use the Flower's Flower Power
・Use the Imp's Charm
・Use the Mage's Sleep Tight
・Use the Horse Whispering Assist of the Princess, Pop Star, or Flower

Each Mii can only have one status effect active at a time, so players can overwrite a negative status effect with a positive one using Sprinkles and Skills. The Flower and the Imp are especially useful with their ability to inflict statuses which increase damage output.

Utilize Personality Quirks

Personality Quirk Effect
Cool Indifference The Mii will be immune from status ailments.
Laid-back Nah... The Mii will be immune from emotion-based status ailments.

The Cool and Laid-back Personalities come with respective Quirks that prevent them from being affected by status conditions. They are listed above.

List of All Personalities

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