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Miitopia - How to Beat the Fiend

This is a guide on the Fiend and how to beat him in Miitopia in Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn strategy, party optimization, and other tips and tricks!

Fiend Basic Information

No. 156 Fiend
Miitopia Fiend
Type Normal

Fiend Locations

Region Area
Miitopia Realm of the Fey Map Icon.pngRealm of the Fey ㉞ Lotus Lake
Miitopia Karkaton Map Icon.pngKarkaton ④ Karkaton Ascent
㉕ Grand Hall
㉘ Grand Hall
㉟ Armory
㊹ Dark Lord's Throne
Miitopia Peculia Map Icon.pngPeculia ⑥ Peculia Forest
⑭ Peculia Castle

Rewards for Beating Fiend

EXP and Gold

EXP 66
Gold 66

Grub (Food)


About the Fiend

Attack Before Getting Hit by the Fiend

Miitopia - how to beat the fiend
The Fiend is a powerful imp that appears in Realm of the Fey (Chapter 3). Since the Fiend always attacks first and uses 999 damage, even an ally who has maximum health will be defeated with a single blow. This is especially hard since you cannot attack before him.

If you don't plan ahead, you and your party will be defeated. In rare cases, the Fiend may use a normal attack, but it usually attacks with its fatal skill.

Magic Attacks Don't Work on the Fiend

The HP of the Fiend is about 100, and the HP of the Terror Fiend is about 600, and you can only deal 1 damage with most magical abilities in the game. Since most magical attacks won't work, it is recommended to defeat the fiend using physical attacks.

It's a good idea to have one Warrior in your party that uses physical attacks and dependable AI behavior.

How to Defeat the Fiend Quickly

Skills that blocks an the Fiend's turn (Princess' Regal Dance, etc.) and fatal skills (Cleric's Righteous Anger, etc.) are effective, but it is recommended that you shouldn't use skills that rely too much on chance. You must defeat the Fiend immediately with physical attacks.

Summary on How To Defeat the Fiend

Shield Sprinkles

Miitopia - How to beat the fiend - Shield sprinkles.png
Once you get the Shield Sprinkles, you can easily plan ahead. When you encounter the Fiend, just give Shield Sprinkles to your allies and then attack to defeat it.

However, since it is late in Miitopia to get the Shield Sprinkles in Realm of the Fey (Chapter 5), it is expected that one or more of your party members will be defeated unless you have one.

Sprinkles: How to Unlock and When to Use

Safe Zone & Hyper Sprinkles

It is also effective to use a safe zone and Hyper Sprinkles together. First, put your strongest ally into the safe zone when you encounter the Fiend. As soon as the Fiend's turn is over, take it out of the safe zone and sprinkle it with Hyper Sprinkles to excite your Mii, then attack the fiend.

When your Mii gets excited, you can only use physical attacks, but the damage done is tripled, so you can defeat the Fiend with almost a single blow.

However, if your Mii is excited, even the hero will not be able to select the target to attack, so if there are enemies other than the Fiend, you should prioritize on defeating them first.

Avenge (Level 9)

Avenge, which is triggered when a companion with relatioship level 9 is defeated, is also useful. It is very effective because it attacks the enemy who has defeated the fallen companion in a frenzied state, so even if there is an enemy other than the Fiend, it will attack the Fiend.

It's a good idea to raise your relationship level so that everyone in the party has a relationship level 9 or higher.

Relationship Guide: How to Increase Relationship Level (Friendship)

Resurgence is Also Effective

If you have a relationship of level 20 or higher, 'Resurgence' is also effective because it will help you get up when you and a friend are knocked down. However, the HP recovery is only 20%, so it's important to use HP Sprinkles as soon as you recover.

Life Sprinkles or Resurrection

Miitopia - How to Beat the Fiend
As a measure against the Fiend, it is a good idea to organize a party with members who have revive skills. The Life Sprinkles can only be used once per map, so it will be more stable if there are friends who can revive you using skills. Also, even if a Vampire is defeated, it may be automatically revived by 'Resurrection'.

If a Cleric's level is 26 or higher, Giga Resurrection is very effective, so if you encounter a fiend, first put the Cleric in a safe zone.
Sprinkles: How to Unlock and When to Use

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Burning Mummy Cerberus Clever Imp
"Teammate" Demon Study of "Teammate" Spike Tower
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Cursed Armor Lizardman Deadly Demon
Mecha Goblin Mecha Skulleton "Friend from Nimbus" UFO
Aging Robot Robo-Pengy Healing Cloud
Metal Scorpion Robo-"Thespian Scientist" Orochi
Purple Crystal Pop "Ex-Dark Lord", Phantom of Evil
UFO Banshee Brainbox Strong "King" Golem
Gold General "Princess" Death Butterfly I, Medusa
Wizened Owl Hobgoblin Bully Pharaoh "Genie" II
Blue Snail Dangerous Bomb "Fab Fairy" Pole
Red "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog Doom Sword Doom Shield
Space Goblin Meteorite Alien
Black Snurp "Great Sage"'s Left Hand "Great Sage"'s Right Hand
"Teammate" Coin "Great Sage", The Darkest Lord Fiend
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Twergull Alien "Traveler" Baby Dragon
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Retroputer Troll Glamorous Pharaoh
"Traveler"puter "Traveler" Hammer Super Alien
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Hamburger Surprise "Traveler" Bread "Traveler"otaur
"Traveler's Friend" Frog Dark Medusa Calamitous Armor
Very Dangerous Bomb Ice Tower Red Dragon
Lizard "Traveler" Man Red "Traveler" Golem Moldy Mummy
Puppetmaster Ice Coolman Licorice Jelly
Iron General "Traveler" Mouse Black Butterfly
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"Traveler" Tower Red Orochi Fossil (Fish)
Hobgoblin Mage Heavy Hammer Clever Running Nose
Ham Sandwich Ancient Robot Wind Queen "Traveler"
Gold "Traveler's Friend" Golem Black Harpy Bloon
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"Traveler"berus "Traveler" & Orochi King Cow
Calc King Ultimate Robot Warrior Frog King
Frog Queen Dragon Lord King of Hounds
Dark Queen Dark King Evil Sage
Medal Dark Sun Elite Goblin
Heavy Golem Neon Pharaoh Colossal Serpent
Gourmet Burger Red Fiend Blue Goddess
Light Lord Light Sage Juvenile Snurp
Boss Snurp

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