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This is a guide on how to farm food (grub) in Miitopia on Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about grub and where to farm food in Miitopia!

What is Grub?

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Grub is an item that you can feed to your Miis while resting at Inns. Feeding your Miis with Grub increases their stats upon filling the gauge below them. The stat bonuses your Miis receive also depend on the rarirty of Grub they eat and if they like the Grub or not.

Grub also fill a portion of the Tummy gauge. Once a Mii's Tummy gauge is full, it will refuse to eat more Grub until your party explores another area and stop at another Inn.

List of Grub

How to Farm Grub

Defeat Enemies/Monsters

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The most reliable to way to obtain Grub is to simply defeat enemies while going through the maps. Every enemy drops Grub, with stronger enemies dropping Grub of higher rarity.

List of Enemies: Monster Guide

Select Cat or Thief as a Job

Cat Steal Grub Skill.jpg

Cat's Steal Grub Skill

At Level 21, the Cat unlocks its Steal Grub skill, which does exactly as its name suggests. You can take a turn in battle to activate this skill and steal food from enemies! This becomes extremely useful as you encounter a lot of enemies while playing the game. Just like the drop reward from when you defeat them, the Grub stolen are more likely to be higher rarity the stronger your enemy is.

Cat Job: Skills & Best Personality

Thief's Horse Whispering Assist

The Thief is another Job that can steal Grub from enemies mid-battle. Unlock the Thief's Horse Whispering assist at relationship level 15 with the Horse and it will become available in battle, although it costs your full MP bar to activate. The assist is mostly to deal high damage, but there is a possibility that the Thief steals grub from the enemy as well.

Horse Guide: List of Horse Whispering Assists

Use Outing Tickets in Inns

Miitopia Outing Tickets Grub.png

In a pinch, if you're at the Inn and want to buff your party's stats right away, Outing Tickets will sometimes give grub as a souvenir. If you have Outing Tickets saved up, it's a quick, easy way to get grub that also increases the relationship levels between your party members.

How to Farm Outing Tickets

Errand Quests in the Traveler's Hub

Miitopia Errands Quest Rewards.jpg

The simplest way to obtain Grub is to do Errand Quests in the Traveler's Hub. These Quests are denoted by a gift icon, as the quest revolves around simply talking to an assigned NPC and delivering them a gift. It's fast and not that difficult, and you can receive Grub as a reward for completing it. Although, Grub is just 1 of 5 possible reward types for these Quests.

How to Farm Very Rare Grub

When Roulette Wheel is Largely Blue

The blue section of the Roulette Wheel is dedicated to Grub rewards, including Rare Grub and Very Rare Grub.

When the roulette wheel is around 40% blue and has a Rare or Very Rare Grub listed as the reward, it would be good to spin a few times to farm high rarity food.

Roulette arrangements to look out for

Roulette Guide: Best Prizes and Patterns

Best Grub to Farm for Each Job

Job Grub Effect
Miitopia Warrior JobWarrior ・Royal Roast
・Geothermal Pizza
・Doner Kebab
Buffs Attack and Defense stats
Miitopia Mage JobMage ・Devil's Food Cake ★★
・Elven Potion
・Frog Juice ★★
・Fragrant Tea ★★
・Mummy Jerky ★★
Buffs MP and Magic stats
Miitopia Cleric JobCleric ・Devil's Food Cake ★★
・Elven Potion
・Frog Juice ★★
・Fragrant Tea ★★
・Mummy Jerky ★★
Buffs MP and Magic stats
Miitopia Thief JobThief ・Sword Sashimi ★★
・Geothermal Pizza
・Doner Kebab
・Tenderized Tartare ★★
・Roast Griffin ★★
Buffs Attack and Speed stats
Miitopia Pop Star JobPop Star ・Cheesecake
・Bitingly Bitter Tea ★★
Buffs MP and Speed stats
Miitopia Chef JobChef ・Royal Roast
・Geothermal Pizza
・Doner Kebab
Buffs Attack and Defense stats
Miitopia Cat JobCat ・Sword Sashimi ★★
・Geothermal Pizza
・Doner Kebab
・Tenderized Tartare ★★
・Roast Griffin ★★
Buffs Attack and Speed stats
Miitopia Scientist JobScientist ・Devil's Food Cake ★★
・Elven Potion
・Frog Juice ★★
・Fragrant Tea ★★
・Mummy Jerky ★★
Buffs MP and Magic stats
Miitopia Imp JobImp ・Ultimate Delicacy ★★
・Geothermal Pizza
・Puppet Pepper ★★
Buffs Magic and Speed stats
Miitopia Tank JobTank ・Royal Roast
・Geothermal Pizza
・Doner Kebab
Buffs Attack and Defense stats
Miitopia Princess JobPrincess ・Cheesecake
・Bitingly Bitter Tea ★★
Buffs MP and Speed stats
Miitopia Flower JobFlower ・Devil's Food Cake ★★
・Elven Potion
・Frog Juice ★★
・Fragrant Tea ★★
・Mummy Jerky ★★
Buffs MP and Magic stats
Miitopia Vampire JobVampire ・Currently in development
Miitopia Elf JobElf ・Cake Buffs Attack and MP

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