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This is a guide on how to beat the Boss Snurp in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Learn about the Boss Snurp's attacks and gimmicks, as well as strategies and tips to beat the Boss Snurp here!

Boss Snurp Location

Miitopia Unlock Tower of Despair.jpg

The Boss Snurp can only be fought at the final floor of the Tower of Despair, after clearing the 7 floors below it. You may refer to the Tower of Despair guide below.

Tower of Despair Guide

Boss Snurp Info

Phase 1 (100%-67% HP)

boss snurp.jpg
Attack Pattern (Acts Twice)
1 Normal Attack (Hits 1 and its adjacent allies)

Phase 2 (66%-34% HP)

phase 2 snurp.jpg
Attack Pattern (Acts Twice)
1 Normal Attack (Hits 1 and its adjacent allies)
2 Last Snurp (Summons 2 Juvenile Snurps)

Phase 3 (33%-0% HP)

phase 3 snurp.jpg
Attack Pattern (Acts Thrice)
1 Normal Attack (Hits 1 and its adjacent allies)
2 Last Snurp (Summons 2 Juvenile Snurps)
3 'Boss Snurp made all feel weird!' (Applies random status ailments on all party members)
Used at start of Phase 3

Juvenile Snurp Info

Attack Pattern (Acts Once)
1 Normal Attack (Hits 1)
2 Crash Attack (Locks on to a party member, damages party member and leaves them with 1 HP after 1 turn)

Best / Recommended Team

Team Used (Offense Oriented Team)

Lineup Explanation
'Hero' CatCat Personality: Cool
・Primary damager
・Use Horse Whispering whenever available
・Around +40 to all Stats using Grub recommended
Friend 1 ScientistScientist Personality: Cool
・Main damager and emergency healer
・Acts quickly
Safety Mask helps prevent status ailments
Friend 2 ImpImp Personality: Cool
・Powerful debuffer
・Durable damager
・Self sustaining through Energy Drain and Brain Drain
Friend 3 VampireVampire Personality: Cool
・Durable tank with self-revive
・Reliable damage through Bat Tornado and Scorching Breath
Traveler Companion PrincessPrincess ---
・Powerful debuffer
・Secondary damager
・Restores MP for teammates via Tea Party

This is the team used by the writer which focuses on offense. Everybody runs the Cool personality to give them higher odds of dodging attacks. The Scientist can keep most status ailments away from their teammates, while the Vampire takes damage for the team. The Imp is responsible for using Sweet Whispers to lower enemy's defense. Most notably, the Cat is responsible for dealing a majority of the damage against the boss.

The combo the writer prefers to use for the Cat is to use the Sharpen Claws skill first, followed by a Feline Frenzy skill the next turn. This combo combined with the defense down from the Imp's Sweet Whispers ensures you deal a very high amount of damage. Additionally if you find yourself lucky enough to have your horse ready after you use Sharpen Claws, you can instead use the Horse Whispering skill and deal a massive amount of damage (around 950-1100 damage per hit).

Alternative Options

Job Used Alternative
'Hero' CatCat TankTank
Friend 2 VampireVampire WarriorWarrior
Friend 3 ImpImp ClericCleric

Alternatively, you can also run Clerics as a safe option for situations where your teammates will die. Warriors are also viable due to their durability and their access to a revive skill through Super Snap Out of It. Tanks are also a viable option if you're looking for a more durable kind of damager. The Traveler Companion you bring can also be a Scientist or Cleric for added support, though honestly any companion you bring is fine.

Tips on Beating the Boss Snurp

Master the Safe Spot

safe spot.jpg

The Safe Spot is the most efficient method of recovery in the game, and proper use of it can help immensely with your team's survival. The recovery method is much preferred than using healing skills or Snacks, as these options are far less efficent and burn through your precious MP and turns. Don't be afraid to skip out on attacking for a turn in exchange for healing up in the Safe Spot, and always be ready to shuffle your units in and out of the Safe Spot as well.

Defeat the Juvenile Snurps as They Spawn

snurp lock on.jpg

At the start of Phase 2, the Boss Snurp will start summoning Juvenile Snurps to assist in battle. You'll want to take these snurps out quickly as they have a deadly attack that leaves your party members at 1 HP. This attack ignores and breaks Shield Sprinkles, so if your party member is locked on you can avoid this attack by putting the targeted party member in the Safe Spot before the Juvenile Snurp attacks.

It's also important to note that the Boss Snurp can summon more Juvenile Snurps again if the previous ones were killed, so it's best to repeatedly use area-of-effect attacks in order to take them out quickly as they appear.

Take Care of the Phase 3 Transition

phase 3 snurp.jpg

You'll know when you've reached Phase 3 of the fight when the Boss Snurp's eyes glow red like a Terror Fiend's. When this happens, it will do the following things for its turn:

  • Inflict a random status ailment on all party members.
  • Summon 2 Juvenile Snurps (If none are on the field).
  • Normal Attacks
boss snurp status ailments 2.jpg

Once the status ailments hit your teammates, quickly move each of them in and out of the Safe Spot to remove the status ailments and get them back in the fight. You must also be aware that the Boss Snurp will act 3 times instead of 2 when it reaches Phase 3, so pay attention to your team's HP and use Sprinkles or the Safe Spot as needed.

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Juvenile Snurp Boss Snurp

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