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This is an article about Resentment and Quarrels. Read on to learn more about Resentment and Quarrels, how to fix quarrels, and how to remove resentment!

How to Remove Resentment

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Raise Your Relationship Level

During a state of resentment, a blue arrow with a gauge will be displayed indicating your relationship level.

At this time, if an action or event that raises your relationship level occurs, the blue arrow will decrease and become empty, and the resentment will be gone.

If there is a reconciliation event, it will be resolved immediately

During a quarrel, resentment between your miis will be dispelled if a reconciliation event occurs in the inn.

How to Prevent the Occurrence of Resentment

Do not attack your allies

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In the first place, resentment occurs when you attack an ally three times while traveling or during combat. The hero should not choose an attack that involves allies as it rarely happens unless the Tank's Human Cannonball technique is abused.

List of Resentment Actions and Advantages/Disadvantages

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Resentment Action Description
Interrupt There is a chance that you will interrupt an ally's action and make a physical attack.
(Be Alert)
There is a chance that damage received will double by being distracted.
Sulk Damage done decreases when pulling out of the battle.
(Status Effect)
Happens when an ally kills an enemy. You either deal half the damage, or double the damage of a physical attack.
(Status Effect)
If you do anything to cause resentment to an ally that is already in a state of resentment, there is a chance they will become angry. If angry, act twice per turn.
Trouble Happens when two Miis are already in a state of resentment. Both will attack multiple times, but also take damage in return.
Abandon The Warrior's Proud Protector does not activate against the opponent.

About Resentment Actions
  • Prepare two Tanks that are easy to collect resentment.
  • For the location, choose "Snurp Hunting Map" in front of the Dark Lord, which has many enemies and is difficult to defeat.
  • Make sure to collect resentment with your miis.
Normal Damage Damage When You're Not Careful
26 35
26 37
23 38
25 35
25 35
23 35
26 38
26 36
Average: 24.76 Average: 36

84 Defensive Tanks normally receive damage from Rare Snurps.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quarrels How to Fix - Interrupt.png
Interrupt is an action that 'interrupts an ally and makes a normal attack.' Although there is a chance it wont activate, there are advantages such as the character who interrupted does not consume any number of actions and can attack regardless of the speed of the opponent.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quarrels How to Fix - Distracted.png
Distracted is an action that 'distracts the ally and increases the damage received'. The increase in damage is about 1.5 times, and since there is no action other than the increase in damage, there is only a slim chance it will activate. This is a disadvantageous action.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quarrels How to Fix - Sulk.png
Sulk is an action that happens when there is an opponent, the damage done is reduced by pulling out of the battle. The reduction in damage is about 0.75 times, which is a similar to the disadvantageous action Distracted.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quearrels How to Fix - Moody.png
Moody is an action that 'activates by chance when an ally kills an enemy'. When you're Moody, you'll either do half the damage done by physical attacks, or double the damage done by physical attacks. In addition, moody is a status action, so it can be cured by a healer.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quarrels How to Fix - Angry.png
Anger is an action where 'there is a chance you'll give more resentment towards an ally already in a state of resentment through your actions.' You cannot choose your action in an angry state, but you can act twice with one turn, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, anger is also a status action and can be cured by a healer in like moody.


Miitopia - Resentment and Quarrels How to Fix - Trouble.png
A scuffle is an action that activates by chance when both are in a state of resentment, and the two party members make multiple attacks, but also damage themselves. Since the damage received by the player is minimal and can cause large damage to the enemy, this action is advantageous.


Miitopia - Resentment - Abandon.png
Abandoning is an action that happens when warriors refuse to a mii against an enemy. You can reduce the total amount of damage the warrior receives, but this action is disadvantageous.

Status Effects Guide

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