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This is a guide on how to increase your relationship with other characters in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Read on to find out how relationship works and some tips and tricks on how to increase your relationship levels.

What Is Relationship?

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Relationship is a separate stat between your Mii's in Miitopia. Essentially, it signifies how close a character is with another character.

It has a variety of effects, all depending on the level of relationship between two Mii's.

Relationship Levels and Effects

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Listed below are the confirmed relationship levels and their respective effects.

Level Effect Name/Description
2 Show Off
Impress your friend by doing 1.3x more damage to enemies.
3 Warning
Call out to a friend when they are targeted for an attack to give them a 50% chance to dodge the attack.
4 Concern
Console a friend and increase relationship level with them after they've taken damage.
5 Praise
Compliment a friend when they defeat an enemy to give them the Happy status effect.
6 Lend a Hand
Help a friend out with their next attack or recovery to boost its effects.
7 Get Well Soon
Cheer up a friend in the Safe Spot to speed up their recovery.
8 Charity
Give a HP banana or MP candy to an ally when they don't have one on them.
9 Avenge
When a friend falls, attack the enemy with a vengeful strike.
10 Sacrifice
Protect allies and take damage in their place.
12 Pincer
Coordinate an attack with your ally and and hit the enemy from behind for great damage.
14 Lend a Hand II
Increases the chance and effect of Lend a Hand.
16 Share
Share HP bananas with friends who don't have them to recover.
18 Last Wish
Restores a friend's HP when you've fallen and they've taken fatal damage.
19 Avenge II
Increases the damage dealt of Avenge.
20 Resurgence
When you have fallen and another of your friends falls too, you are revived with 30% of your total HP recovered.
22 Pincer II
Increases the chance and effect of Pincer.
27 Warning II
Increases the chance of dodging after Warning.
32 Get Well Soon II
Increases the chance and effect of Get Well Soon.
38 Show Off II
Increases damage multipler of Show Off.
44 Avenge III
The damage dealt by Avenge II becomes even greater.
52 Sacrifice II
Increases the chance of activating Sacrifice.
60 Show Off III
The damage dealt by Show Off II becomes even greater.
68 Pincer III
Increases the chance and effect of Pincer II.
77 Sacrifice III
The chance of activating Sacrifice II becomes even greater.
87 Get Well Soon III
Increases the chance and effect of Get Well Soon II.
99 Lend a Hand III
Increases the chance and effect of Lend a Hand II.

How To Increase Relationship

Relationships with fellow Mii's are very helpful in battle and as such, knowing ways to increase your relationship levels will be crucial. These relationship levels also apply to your Horse which can be a good partner in your adventures to come!

Here are some of the ways that we have confirmed on how to increase your relationship levels.

Outings and Jolly Jaunts

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Requirements Outing/Jolly Jaunt Ticket
Increase Medium to High

These are performed if you have an Outing Ticket and provides the good increase in Relationship levels. To use them, while in an Inn, pick a Mii that is currently roomed with another Mii to have them go on an outing. After that outing, the relationship level will automatically increase.

If the outing also goes very well, there will be a bonus on the increase in relationship levels.

These are basically amped up Outings with a very high chance of increasing your Relationship level by at least one. However, they can also fail and result into a much lower increase in relationship levels so be careful when using them!


Miitopia Switch Relationship 04.png
Requirements Two Mii's in one room in the Inn
Increase Low to Medium

Having two Mii's in one room while in the Inn also have the effect of granting a small increase in relationship levels. The effect is higher when you're roomed with your Horse.

Also, while roomed together, there will be chances of Mii's talking to each other as marked by a speech bubble on top of the Mii's. This usually triggers a random event (training, talking, or a Mii giving a gift to another). This will also trigger a further increase in relationship levels.

Support Skills

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Requirements Any Support abilities, skills, or relationship-related actions such as Concern or Warning
Increase Low

Supporting one another will also result in Mii's improving their relationship levels. Healing a Mii's HP, warning them of an incoming attack, taking revenge when they get hurt - all of these skills that show teamwork between your Mii's will improve their relationship levels.

Cheek Rub

Requirements Roomed with your Horse, Lv. 9 Relationship Level with your Horse
Increase Low

This ability in itself is very useful since it restores your MP. However, it also increases your relationship levels with your horse!

What is the Maximum Relationship Level?

The maximium relationship level for Miitopia on the Switch is level 99! By maxing out your relationship with your party members, you become powerful by unlocking all of the assist skills available in the game.

How to Reach the Maximum Relationship Level?

We recommend that you should always place your Miis in the same room together, and gather as many outing tickets as possible by winning them using game tickets, or via letters from people you saved in Miitopia.

We also recommend you avoid using skills that may cause resentment and quarrels between your Miis, since it will hinder you from leveling up your relationship level.
Resentment and Quarrels: How to Fix

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