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This is a guide on how to change the roles of your cast in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn the basics of changing cast roles, as well as how to customize your Miis.

How to Change Roles

Customize Your Mii Cast

The Mii cast includes the Dark Lord, the Great Sage, and the townspeople. You can change each cast member's roles any time using the Journal on the menu screen.

Steps on How to Change Roles

Open the Menu screen and select Records.
Select Journal.
Open the Mii Cast.
Select which cast you want to change.
Change the actor's role.

How to Change Your Mii's Appearance

Open 'Makeup & Wigs' From the Menu

Miitopia - Open Makeup and Wigs (redacted).jpg

You can change you Mii's appearance through the Makeup & Wigs section on the menu screen. You can only do this when you're not in battle, meaning you either have to be on the move or ideally in an Inn.

Check out our guide below for more information about customizing your Mii!

Character Creation Guide and Mii Maker Tutorial

Change Your Mii's Look From the Main Menu

Miitopia - Menu Screen.jpg

You can also customize your Miis from the Main Menu. Select Mii characters just below the Start button.

All Character Roles in Miitopia


The Dark Lord
Miitopia - All Characters - Dark Lord

Dark Curse
(After Beating the Darker Lord)
Miitopia - All Characters - Dark Curse

Greenhorne Characters

Miitopia - All Characters - Carefree Guide
Miitopia - All Characters - Cheery Granny
Miitopia - All Characters - Sassy Child
Miitopia - All Characters - Worried Mother
Miitopia - All Characters - Lovey Dovey Couple (Man)
Miitopia - All Characters - Lovey Dovey Couple (Woman)
Miitopia - All Characters - Sarcastic Guy
Miitopia - All Characters - Dubious Mayor


AKA: Askel
Miitopia - All Characters - Quizmaster

Roaming Gourmet

Roaming Gourmet
AKA: Flavio
Miitopia - All Characters - Roaming Gourmet

Castle Guard

Castle Guard
Miitopia - All Characters - Serious Soldier
Miitopia - All Characters - Lax Soldier
Miitopia - All Characters - Royal Support Left
Miitopia - All Characters - Royal Support (Right)

Royal Court

Royal Court
Miitopia - All Characters - King
Miitopia - All Characters - Princess
Miitopia - All Characters - Prince from a nearby land
Miitopia - All Characters - Besmirched Noble

Great Sage

Great Sage
Miitopia - All Characters - Great Sage

Genie of the Lamp

Genie of the Lamp
Miitopia - All Characters - Genie

Neksdor Town

Neksdor Town
Miitopia - All Characters - Dancing Guide
Miitopia - All Characters - Rambling Old Man
Miitopia - All Characters - Shady Merchant Daughter
Miitopia - All Characters - Shady Merchant Father
Miitopia - All Characters - Worried Explorer
Miitopia - All Characters - Desert Celebrity
Miitopia - All Characters - Prickly Husband
Miitopia - All Characters - Prickly Wife

Fab Fairies

Fab Fairies
Miitopia - All Characters - Eldest Fab Fairy
Miitopia - All Characters - Middle Fab Fairy
Miitopia - All Characters - Youngest Fab Fairy

Elven Retreat

Elven Retreat
Miitopia - All Characters - Injured Elf
Miitopia - All Characters - Fab Fairies Fan 1
Miitopia - All Characters - Fab Fairies Fan 2.png
Miitopia - All Characters - Fab Fairies Fan 3
Miitopia - All Characters  - Scaredy-Cat
Miitopia - All Characters - Green-Eyed Lady
Miitopia - All Characters - Lazybones
Miitopia - All Characters - Mischievous Witch

Traveler's Hub

Characters that appear in Traveler's Hub are random.

Traveler's Hub
Miitopia - All Characters - Traveler
Miitopia - All Characters - Traveler
Miitopia - All Characters - Traveler
Miitopia - All Characters - Traveler
Miitopia - All Characters - Traveler
Kung Fu Chef.png

Scholarly Pioneer

Scholarly Pioneer
Miitopia - All Characters - Scholarly Pioneer

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