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This is a guide on how to beat the Evil Sage boss in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Learn about the Evil Sage's attacks and gimmicks, as well as strategies and tips to beat the Evil Sage here!

Evil Sage Location

tower of dread.jpg

The Evil Sage can be found in the 7th District of New Lumos. It is a boss you will face at the end of the District.

The Evil Sage can also be found in the Tower of Dread. Players will face off against the Evil Sage at the seventh floor of the area. You may refer to the Tower of Dread Guide below.

Tower of Dread Guide

Evil Sage Info

Attack Pattern (Acts Twice)
1 Lightning (Hits 1)
2 Explosion (Hits All)
3 Mark (Locks-on to 2 members, deals lethal damage to them after 1 turn)
・Move one of the targeted members to the Safe Spot to minimize Shield Sprinkle usage.

Best / Recommended Team

Team Used (Stability Oriented Team)

Lineup Explanation
'Hero' FlowerFlower Personality: Cool
・Primary healer, secondary damager
・Use Horse Whispering when needed
Friend 1 ScientistScientist Personality: Cool
・Main damager and emergency healer
・Acts quickly
Safety Mask helps prevent status ailments
Friend 2 PrincessPrincess Personality: Cool
・Powerful debuffer
・Can nullify status ailments via Blindfold
・Can also dodge attacks via Escort
Friend 3 ThiefThief Personality: Cool
・Widespread attacker
・Acts quickly

Alternative Options

Job Used Alternative
'Hero' FlowerFlower ClericCleric
Friend 2 PrincessPrincess VampireVampire
Friend 3 ThiefThief ElfElf


This is a standard, balanced team comprised of a healer, a tank and a couple of damagers. The Evil Sage can deal high amounts of damage to multiple party members at once, so a healer is ideal to mitigate the damage taken.

Tips on Beating the Evil Sage

Take it Slow, and Rely on the Safe Spot

safe spot.jpg

The Safe Spot is the most efficient method of recovery in the game, and proper use of it can help immensely with your team's survival. The recovery method is much preferred than using healing skills or Snacks, as these options are far less efficent and burn through your precious MP and turns. You'll be taking a lot of damage from the Evil Sage so don't rush killing it and use the Safe Spot as many times as you have to.

Conserve Shield Sprinkles for Unpredictable Lock-Ons

snurp lock on.jpg

The Evil Sage has an attack where it locks on to two of your party members, and deals very high (often lethal) damage to those two members. What makes this attack dangerous is not the damage, but the unpredictability of it. It's possible for the Evil Sage to apply the Lock-On and not triggering it for a while, potentially making you waste your Shield Sprinkles on its other attacks if you use it as soon as you're targeted. The Evil Sage can also apply the Lock-On for its first action and immediately triggering it for its second action, potentially catching you off guard.

Given the nature of this attack, if you have 2 locked on party members, it's best to put 1 targeted member in the Safe Spot and give Shield Sprinkles to the other just before the Evil Sage attacks to minimize risk and Shield Sprinkle usage.

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