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This guide will show you everything you need to know about the Energetic Personality and its Quirks in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about this personality, its ratings and recommendations, as well as other tips and tricks!

Energetic Quirks and Rating

List of Energetic Quirks

Quirk Effect
Cheer Recovers the MP of an ally with low MP, as well as increasing their Relationship meter. Activates once per battle.
Hang On After taking fatal damage, you are revived with 1 HP remaining.
Charge Inflicts 1.5 times more physical attack damage to an enemy, but inflicts 2 points worth of damage to itself.

Energetic Evaluation

Cheer is useful for parties with support roles, while Hang On is recommended for Tank-type jobs.

Useful During Mid-Game

As mentioned above, Energetic is perfect for support-type Jobs such as Clerics and Pop Stars. The quirk will also come in handy during the latter part of the game, as enemies will be tougher and you'll need better support.

Incompatible with Magic-Types

Using this personality is not recommended for Magic-types such as Mages and Scientists. It will make them inflict physical attacks instead of magic, defeating the purpose of their Jobs.

Recommended Jobs for 'Energetic' Personality

Recommended Jobs
CatCat ChefChef Pop StarPop Star ThiefThief
ClericCleric WarriorWarrior TankTank ImpImp
FlowerFlower PrincessPrincess VampireVampire ElfElf

You Can Have Multiple 'Energetic' Party Members!

Energetic is a valuable personality that can recover MP and support your party as a whole. If you are having trouble with MP management, this personality should help with that. It is recommended to have 2 or 3 Energetic Miis in a party.

Best Personality for All Jobs: Personality Tier List

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Kind Energetic Laid-back
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Best Personality for Each Job

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