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This guide will show you everything you need to know about the Kind Personality and its Quirks in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about this personality, its ratings and recommendations, as well as other tips and tricks!

Kind Quirks and Rating

List of Kind Quirks

Below is a table on Kind quirks/abilities.

Quirk Effect
Cover Protect allies with low Health and take the damage instead.
Donate Give HP Banana or MP Candy to allies who are in need of recovery items.
Spare Plead with the enemy to leave the battle. If successful, your party will safely flee the battle but you won't receive any EXP, Gold, or grub. Otherwise, the enemy will attack you and a random ally will increase their Resentment towards you.

Kind Evaluation

Below is our recommendation and analysis on Kind personality.

Some characters will benefit from Cover and Donate, especially Miis with low defenses. However, because of Spare's potential disadvantage to the team, this personality is a risk to have.

The Disadvantage of 'Spare' Is Huge

Spare is a lifesaving quirk if you need to get out of a losing battle. If the quirk fails however, enemies will attack you and some of your allies will feel Resentment towards you.

'Cover' and 'Donate' are Useful

Kind Vampires will benefit from the personality's Cover quirk because this will increase their tank capabilities when using the Curse skill. Meanwhile, the Donate quirk is compatible with the Thief Job, as it gives them the ability to share their stolen resources with allies.

Best Jobs for 'Kind' Personality

Below is our recommendation of Jobs to use for Kind Personality.

Job Rating/Recommendation
ThiefThief Rating : ★★★ (Early Stage)
・Steal recovery items and share them with your allies.
・Useful for replenishing and consuming HP and MP during early game.
VampireVampire Rating : ★★☆
Curse skill and Cover quirk work well together.
・Useful for hunting rare enemies.
・ If Spare fails, they can withstand the attack from the enemy.

Best Personality for All Jobs: Personality Tier List

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Best Personality for Each Job

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