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This is a guide to the post-game contents and 100% completion in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Learn all there is to know about what awaits you after clearing the story as well as how to obtain a 100% completion rate for the game here!

Post Game Content

New Areas Unlocked!

world map 1.png

Upon clearing the main story you'll gain access to 2 new areas - Galados Isle and New Lumos. It's important to note that these are high difficulty areas, so be sure to bring strong party members here. If your team feels a little weak, you can check out the best spots for farming experience points here before you set out for these areas.

More Quests Added!


New quests will be made available in the Traveler's Hub. There can be up to 3 quest givers at any given moment in the Traveler's Hub, and the quests refresh as every real time day passes. Be sure to check these quests out as they offer a variety of rewards such as Gold, Grub, and even Equipment.

100 Percent To-Do List

Task Recommended Level
Unlock the Vampire Job 25
Clear Galados Isle (excluding Uncharted Galados) 25-28
Clear New Lumos 25-40 (depends how far in you go)
Unlock the Elf Job 40
Clear the Tower of Dread 40
Clear the Tower of Despair 50
Acquire Every Medal ---

Unlock the Vampire Job

vampire job.jpg

You can actually acquire the Vampire Job before you clear the game, but that will depend if the quest appears in Traveler's Hub prior to clearing the main story.

To obtain the job, you must accept a quest from a vampire who wants you to get rid of the ghosts in his/her mansion. After accepting the quest, a new temporary area called Manor Macabre will open up in Peculia. Once you clear the boss at the end of this area, you will be rewarded with the Bat Amulet which allows you to job change into a Vampire.

Vampire Job Info

Clear Galados Isle

galados isle.jpg

With the exception of Uncharted Galados, this area is relatively easy and can be cleared immediately after finishing the main story. It's best to leave Uncharted Galados alone for now, and return when you've sufficiently levelled up and geared your team.

Galados Isle Walkthrough

Clear New Lumos

new lumos.jpg

New Lumos is an area that is split into 8 different districts, each with a unique area and boss that you must defeat. The difficulty of each boss increases as you advance through each district so be sure to level your units up before going to this area.

New Lumos Walkthrough

The Tower of Dread Appears!

Upon clearing the 3rd District in New Lumos, the Tower of Dread will appear. This is a high difficulty part of the game and is best saved for later, when your party is sufficiently levelled and geared.

Unlock the Elf Job

elf job.jpg

To obtain this job, you must defeat the Replica Dark Lord located at the end of Uncharted Galados in Galados Isle. Defeating the Replica Dark Lord will reward you with the Elven Charm, which allows you to job change into an Elf.

Elf Job Info

Clear the Tower of Dread

tower of dread.jpg

This is one of the most difficult areas in all of Miitopia. It involves a gauntlet run of the 8 bosses you fought in New Lumos. Since you fight the bosses back to back, Sprinkles and Snacks will not be replenished after each fight. It's highly advised to bring a team of Level 40 and above party members armed to the teeth with strong equipment before coming to this area.

Tower of Dread Guide

The Tower of Despair Appears!

Upon clearing the final floor of the Tower of Dread, the Tower of Despair will be unlocked. This is also a gauntlet run against a series of very powerful opponents, and will be the ultimate test of your skills in the game. High level members, the best equipment, and a lot of fed Grub are a must.

Tower of Despair Guide

Acquire Every Medal


If you're looking to clear everything the game has to offer, there are several things you must accomplish. To put briefly, getting 100% completion means getting every possible Medal in the game.

town guide.jpg

To keep tabs on your progress you can check your list of medals in the Menu Screen by selecting the Records option and selecting Medals afterwards, or you can check with the 'Town Guide' in Traveler's Hub.

List of Medals

Post Game Tips

Level Up Your Units

Miitopia Switch EXP Farming 01.png

Levelling up is the only way to get stat increases quickly, so be sure to level up all your party members to increase their effectiveness in combat. To learn where the best EXP farming areas are, you can click here.

Grub is Power

Miitopia What is Grub.jpg

Once you've hit Level 50 with your party members, the only other way to increase their stats is via feeding them Grub. It's ideal to feed Grub to your team after every stage, as every stat point matters when it comes to attacking and defending.

Organize Your Team

At this late point of the game you will find it difficult to clear certain stages if you just keep on using the units you like without any thought on team composition. It's important to balance out your team in such a way that there will always be a tool for any given problem. For instance, you can have 1 unit focused on healing, another on dealing single target damage, another for buffing/debuffing, and another for dealing area-of-effect damage.

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