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Miitopia - Horse Guide List of Horse Whispering Assists

This is a guide for Horses in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn about the features, skills, and more about Horses!

Horse Skill List

Level Skill
2 Mounted Attack
3 Saddle Up
5 Snuggle Up
7 Snort
9 Cheek Rub
12 Saddle Up II
15 Horse Whispering
20 Neigh
25 Mounted Attack II
30 Snuggle Up II
35 Cheek Rub II
40 Snort II
50 Neigh II
60 Mounted Attack III
70 Snuggle Up III
80 Cheek Rub III
90 Snort III
99 Neigh III

Mounted Attack

Mounted Attack I
Saddle up for an attack with added horsepower and likely more damage!
Mounted Attack II
An even stronger mounted attack. Hold those reins nice and tight!
Mounted Attack III
The strongest calavry charge going. That's what I call teamwork!

Saddle Up

Saddle Up I
Take the weight off with a horse ride. Hop on, buddy! Don't be shy!
Saddle Up II
Two riders on one horse? Why not! Just hold on tight.

Snuggle Up

Snuggle Up I
Snooze with a pal in the Safe Spot to boost the restorative effect. Boosts HP/MP recovery by 30%.
Snuggle Up II
Increase the chance and effect by snuggling even closer. Boosts HP/MP recovery by 40%.
Snuggle Up III
Greatly increases the chance and effect by snuggling up even closer. Boosts HP/MP recovery by 50%.


Snort I
A little snort with a big effect! Deal damage to all enemies.
Snort II
Supercharge your snort and deal even more damage!
Snort III
Maximize your snortiness with this all-out nasal assault!

Cheek Rub

Cheek Rub I
What's wrong? Low MP? A little cheek rub makes all things better.
Cheek Rub II
Increase the effect to restore more MP. Cheer up, horsey friend!
Cheek Rub III
Restore even more MP. Who's a good horsey?! YOU ARE!

Horse Whispering

Quite mighty. The effect depends on the job. Not for Autobattles!


Neigh I
Feeling weird? Just say neigh! Rally morale with a cheer from your horse.
Neigh II
Increase the chances of restoring normality.
Neigh III
Greatly increase the chances of restoring normality.

Horse Whispering Assists and Ranking

The Horse Whispering Assist is an exclusive move unlocked when the relationship level between the main hero of the game and the horse reaches Level 15. Further, the Hero must have full MP to use this skill, and the attack will exhaust their entire MP supply to use.

Finally, this is a skill that has different effects depending on the job. Some target one enemies only and deals very high damage, making it useful for enemies with high HP such as bosses. Others deal damage to all enemies making it a good way to clear out all enemies in an instant. Others buffs or heals the party.

Take a look at the table below for the detailed effects per job.

Job Effect Rank
Hero revives and fully restores HP and half of the MP of all allies. Recommended when facing high damage enemies such as Fiends. ★★★
Hero charges towards the enemies, hitting all with moderately increased damage. May also steal grub from enemies. ★★★
Hero fully heals and motivates allies, exciting everyone in the party. This may also distract the enemies. ★★★
Bloom flowers everywhere, healing everyone's HP and putting them in a good mood! ★★★
Hero hits enemies with lightning up to eight times, and each hit causing slightly increased damage. These attacks may miss. ★★☆
Hero feeds horse with spicy food, shooting 5 fireballs to random enemies causing slightly increased damage with each hit. These attacks may miss. ★★☆
Hero charges towards the enemy at full speed, causing massive damage to a single target. ★★☆
Blast two laser cannons towards a single enemy for heavy damage and hits the enemies beside it for lesser damage. ★★☆
Shoot missiles at random enemies for six times with slightly increased damage. ★★☆
Hero scratches one enemy six times for slightly increased damage. ★★☆
Poke your horse, crashing into enemies and hitting them all for massive damage. However, this also harms the player. ★★☆
Shoot arrows causing the ground to burst, hitting a single target for massive damage. Also, it deals lesser damage to the enemies beside the main target. ★★☆
Hero hits all enemies three times with a moderate increase in damage per hit.. ★★☆
Prance around the area, healing everyone's MP and improves their mood. May also confuse the enemies. ★☆☆

How to Rename Your Horse

Change from the Menu Screen

  1. Open the menu screen except during battle.
  2. Select "Party".
  3. Select a horse you've made friends with.
  4. Select "Change".
  5. Select "Name" and give it a name of your choice.

Select 'Party' from the Menu

Miitopia - How to rename your horse

If you want to change the name of your horse, open the menu outside of combat and select Party.

Select a horse you've made friends with.

Miitopia - How to rename your horse

If there is a horse in your party list, select the horse you made friends with.

Select 'Change'

Miitopia - How to rename your horse

You will be taken to the horse confirmation screen, thrn select Change.

Select 'Name' and give it a name you like.

Miitopia - How to rename your horse

Among the options available, select Name and give it a name of your choice.

How to Get a Horse

Make friends after receiving a letter from the mayor

Miitopia - How to get a horse.jpg

In Chapter 1, a horse will be able to join you after receiving a letter from the mayor of Greenhorne Town (after rescuing everyone in town).

In the area in front of Greenhorne, there will be an event where a horse is being attacked by goblins. Save the horse to add them to your party.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough: Greenhorne

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