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This is a guide on how to beat the Dark Lord boss battle in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn strategy, party optimization, and other tips and tricks to beat the Miitopia boss.

Who is the Dark Lord?

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The Dark Lord is the boss monster of the Karkaton chapter of Miitopia. He is introduced right at the beginning of the game and antagonizes you all throughout the first four chapters, and you finally face him with party of 10 at the end of Karkaton.

How to Beat the Dark Lord

Buff Up Main Party Stats in Karkaton

Dark Lord Karkaton Buff Stats.jpg

The Dark Lord is relatively easy to defeat if you buff up only your main party's stats while playing through Karkaton. You have a party of 10 in Karkaton, but only take 4 to fight the Dark Lord, so preferably stick to 4 Mii's throughout Karkaton as much as possible.

At the Inn, feed Grub to only these 4 party members and only buy Weapons and Outfits (armor) for the 4 of them. You earn a lot of Gold and EXP going through Karkaton, so it's best to direct all of it towards the party that'll face the Dark Lord.

Karkaton (Chapter 4) Walkthrough & Map List

Scientist Safety Mask

Miitopia Dark Lord Nightmare Boss.jpg

For the most of the battle, the Dark Lord will come at your party with physical rock attacks and Nightmare, which puts your party member to sleep, while losing 20% each turn. You can avoid the status effects of Nightmare, if you have a Scientist with the Safety Mask skill, which will prevent other party members from being afflicted with status ailments.

Scientist Job: Skills and Best Personality

The Dark Lord Won't Attack After Stealing Faces

Miitopia Dark Lord Steals Faces.jpg

When the Dark Lord is nearing defeat, it will resort to stealing your teammates faces and putting them on enemy Imps. The Imps are relatively easy to defeat and you should get your teammates' faces back quickly, but note that the Dark Lord will not be attacking during this time. This would be the opportunity to use the Safe Spot, sprinkles, or any other skills you need to consume 1 turn or more for.

Hyper Sprinkles

Miitopia Dark Lord Hyper Sprinkles.jpg

Use Hyper Sprinkles on your fast or strong physical attackers to double the damage of their physical attack. You unlock Hyper Sprinkles at the start of Karkaton and they come in handy in fighting Karkaton's bulky enemies. The Dark Lord is no exception to that.

Sprinkles Guide: How to Unlock and When to Use

Rewards for Beating the Dark Lord

Battle Rewards

Miitopia Dark Lord Rewards.jpg
・+2440 for each party member
・+2440 Bonus EXP
・Ultimate Delicacy ★★

Traveler's Hub

Miitopia Dark Lord Rewards Travelers Hub.jpg

You will unlock the Traveler's Hub and the next chapter of Miitopia after beating the Dark Lord.

Traveler's Hub (Chapter 5-1) Walkthrough

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