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Miitopia Switch Beginner

This is Game8's beginner guide to Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Learn everything you need to know to get into the game, and best tips and strategies for starting out on the right foot.

Things to Know First

Your Mii's Appearance Can Be Changed

You Can Change Your Look Any Time from the Menu

Miitopia Switch Customize Makeup Wig Anytime.jpg

You can change your Mii's look at any time. If you're moving forward with the story and you feel that your look doesn't fit with your cast, you can always try changing it.

Mii Maker Guide and Character Creation Tutorial

Mii's Appearance Isn't Related to Performance

Miitopia Switch Makeup Wig Performance.jpg

There is no correlation between your Mii's appearance and performance in-game, so customize your Mii to your heart's desire.

Allies Joining and Switching Jobs

You'll Have 9 Allies Before the Story Ends

Miitopia Switch Allies Joining Switching Jobs.jpg

By the end of the story, you are expected to have had 9 allies join with you. With that, choose wisely on the Jobs that you assign on them.

Click to find out when all allies join your party!
The first 3 allies will join you in Chapter 1. You will have another set of 3 allies form your party in Chapter 2, and yet another 3 allies form your party in Chapter 3. In Chapter 4, you will have all 9 allies form your party.

Your Character Changes Jobs Twice

The Dark Lord seals away your powers every time you clear an area from Chapters 1 through 3, forcing you to change jobs twice. Note that when this happens, you cannot choose a Job that you've already chosen before. However, once you've completed Chapter 4, you will now be able to change into any Job of your choice.

How to Change Jobs

Fast-Forward With B / ZR / ZL

Miitopia Switch Fast Forward Travel.jpg

You can fast-forward through travel, fight animations, or dialogue scenes by pressing and holding any of the following buttons.

B button.png ZL.png ZR.png

Freeze the Game Using Y

Freeze Action

While you can fast forward actions in the game, you can also freeze the screen using the Y button! This function works anywhere in the game, even on the main menu.

Feed Miis Food They Like

Miitopia Switch Food Preferences.jpg

There are 5 different reactions to food. If a Mii likes or loves the food that they eat, the food's effect on them will increase significantly. If a Mii dislikes or hates the food that they eat, the food's effect on them will increase only minimally.

Food Preferences Guide

Seek Out Snurps

Miitopia Switch Snurp Beginner Guide

Actively seek out and battle Snurps. You will occassionally spot Gold Snurps, Rare Snurps, and Tasty Snurps on your map. Head to the location of that Snurp and defeat it in battle in order to earn a significant amount of Gold, XP, or Grub rewards.

・Tasty Snurp (Pink) - Grub/Food Rewards
・Gold Snurp (Gold) - Gold
・Rare Snurp (White) - XP

Large Treasure Chests Cannot Be Opened Until You Clear the Area

Gold Is Earned Instead After You Reach a Certain Level

Miitopia Switch Large Treasure Chests.jpg

Basically, you can get equipment from large treasure chests, but once you reach a certain level in the game, you will get gold instead of equipment.

Save the Chests After Clearing

Miitopia Switch Save Large Treasure Chests.jpg

If you want to farm for gold in the future, it is recommended to save the chests until you've reached a certain level, as gold is more valuable than weapons and armor since they are relatively inexpensive.

Save Game Tickets

Roulette Will Have Great Deals In Late Game

Miitopia Switch Game Tickets Arcade Roulette.jpg

Save your Game Tickets that you collect until you reach the late game. You can use them to play Roulette at the Inn where you get much more valuable prizes the later you are in the game.

Roulette Guide: Best Prizes and Patterns

Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors Is Not Worth the Risk

Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors has a bigger stake depending on your progress in the game. If you're in need of gold, you're better off selling your equipment or playing Roulette instead. Rock, Paper, Scissors relies on luck and there is no strategy for it.

Eat HP Bananas and MP Candy Frequently

The more you consume them, the more they restore points

HP Bananas and MP Candies restore the health and mana points, respectively, of a Mii. The amount of points restored for a single usage increases the more you consume them, so it's best to get that stat up quickly. To do so, it's recommended to use HP Bananas and MP Candies over sprinkles on both your Mii and your allies.

Don't have Cleric or Chef allies

You cannot control when ally Clerics and Chefs will heal you or other party members, so another way of consuming HP bananas and MP candies quickly would be to not have a Cleric or a Chef as an ally. This would be very risky, however, so it's only recommended for experienced players who want to buff the stats of these consumables.

Use the Safe Zone

How to Master the Safe Zone

Miitopia Switch Safe Spot Character.jpg

You can put a character in the safe zone in order to protect them from attacks and give them time to recover. Given this, it's a good move to put the character who attacked first into the safe zone immediately and then take them out when the enemy's attack is over.

Know the Order of Actions

Miitopia Switch Battle Action Order.jpg

The key to mastering the safe zone is to understand the overall order of actions of the enemy and your allies on the first turn. The order may change a bit due to status changes, but if you know the general order of actions by the first turn, you will know when is the proper time to put a character in the safe zone in order to most efficiently protect them.

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