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This is a guide on how to create your character with the Mii Maker in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Learn all the available settings for your Mii's appearance, makeup tips, and how to hide your nose!

Miitopia Character (Mii) Creation


Miitopia - Makeup.jpg

Makeup allows you to customize your Mii's facial features. There are plenty of ways to modify your face such as highlighting your eyes and applying eyelashes and lipstick.


Miitopia - Wigs.jpg

Wigs enable you to modify your character's hairstyle. You can also customize the wig's bangs, back, cowlick, as well as change the color.

Share Your Mii's Look Online

Miitopia - Share Mii (redacted).jpg

The Mii you created can be shared online. Just go to the Mii section on the title screen, then uncheck the Make Secret box to allow sharing of your Mii presets via an access key.

How to Hide Nose

Hide the nose of your Mii by adding solid-colored shapes to your Glasses layer. Open the Mii editor in the Makeup & Wigs tab of the Menu, and follow these steps:

1 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 1.jpgSet your Mii's nose to either of these 2 options, as they are the smallest and most flat noses to deal with by default.
2 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 2.jpgPosition the nose higher up the face, further from the lips.
3 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 3.jpgAdd Glasses on your Mii in the Mii editor. Don't worry, you'll remove them later.
4 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 4.jpgIn the Makeup editor of Miitopia now, choose Glasses in the Other section. Click Apply Makeup then check "Remove Glasses" to remove the first set of Glasses you put.
5 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 5.jpgStill in the Glasses selection, choose a solid color sticker to place on your Mii. It's preferable to choose the semi-circle shape for color purposes later on.
6 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 6.jpg2 will appear over each eye, move them to the middle until they become 1 shape. Position the solid color shape over the nose to cover it.
7 Miitopia How to Hide Nose Step 7.jpgFinally, match the color of the shape with your Mii's skin tone/foundation color. Completing this will have succesfully covered your nose and created a blank canvas for future edits.

Changing Your Character's Appearance

Can I Change My Character's Appearance Afterwards?

Miitopia - Edit Mii (redacted).jpg

You can change your Mii's look at any time. If you're moving forward with the story and you feel that your look doesn't fit with your cast, you can always try changing it.

How to Change My Character's Appearance?

Miitopia - Open Makeup and Wigs (redacted).jpg

Access the Makeups & Wigs on the menu screen. You can only change your Mii's appearance when you're not in battle, meaning you either have to be on the move or ideally in an Inn.

Character Customization Tips

Be Sure on Parts that Cannot Be Added with Makeup

Parts That Cannot Be Added with Makeup
  • Face
  • Nose
  • Facial Hair
  • Body

With Makeup, you can change parts of your face such as the Eyes and Mouth. However, you cannot add makeup to your Face, Nose, Facial Hair, and Body, so choose wisely when deciding on them.

Take Advantage of Makeup Stacking

Miitopia - Makeup Stacking.jpg

When customizing your character, there is a limit to the modification that you can do. In the Makeup options, you can stack the Makeup that you put on your face through editing.

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