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This is a walkthrough for Peculia (Chapter 5-3) in Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to progress through Peculia, the best team for Peculia, and the Peculia map list.

Peculia Walkthrough

How to Unlock Peculia

You can first unlock Peculia by obtaining a quest from a Chef Mii at the Traveler's Hub. The Chef wants you to taste their special hamburger in Peculia - only to find out that the Hamburger is a monster.

Peculia Progression

Hamburger Quest
1 Battle through the main area until you reach ④ (shown in the map below). You will then reach portal "c" which will lead you to the Forest area.
2 Go through the Forest area to unlock portal "h" that leads to the Desert area.
3 Complete the Desert area to unlock portal "d", which will bring you to a new part of the main area. Beat the Hamburger boss at ⑩ to complete the quest.
Sky Scraper Jewel Quest
1 Obtaining a quest from a Cat Mii looking for their dog in the Traveler's Hub will grant access to the Eerie Road and Castle area of Peculia.
2 Battle through the Eerie Road to reach portal "f", which will lead to Peculia Castle.
3 Battle through Peculia Castle then exit the portal "g" to reach the final area of Eerie Road.
4 Defeat "Traveler" Woof-o'-the-Wisp at ⑯ to complete the quest and obtain the Right Eye Jewel needed to open the Sky Scraper.

Best Team for Peculia

Recommended Lineup for Chapter 5-3
Hero CatCat Teammate 1 WarriorWarrior Teammate 2 ScientistScientist Teammate 3 ClericCleric
Cool Cool Cool Cool

Buff up party stats for the endgame

The areas of Chapter 5 (Powdered Peaks, Peculia, and Nimbus) are relatively short and easy areas to defeat, so just use the time to buff up the levels/stats of your party in preparation for the Sky Scraper. Continue using the Cat for your Hero and bring along a Warrior and a Scientist, as they are powerful jobs.

Level up healers

The next chapter will require you to use all 10 of your party members, so if you're planning on buffing up the stats of only 4 of those party members in this chapter, it would be wise to buff up the stats of recovery-oriented teammates such as Flowers or Clerics. Clerics are better in Peculia than Flowers, due to the magic-resistant Fiends you can encounter here.

Peculia Map List

Peculia (Main)

Each map image below comes assigned with a corresponding number next to its name. The number indicates in which order the quests are suggested to be done.

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
① Peculia
Obtain quest from Traveler's Hub
Running Nose / Bread
A: Trap Chest
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
② Peculia
Clear ①
Donnut Touchshroom / Slorm / Running Nose
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
③ Peculia
Clear ②
Gold Snurp / Running Nose / Rare Snurp
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
④ Peculia
Clear ①
Running Nose / Bread / Peach Jelly
A: Weapon (Max level: 22)
B: Armor (Max level: 22)
C: HP Banana (2)
D: HP Banana (3)
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
⑦ Peculia
Clear ⑥
A: 2300G
Miitopia Peculia Map.jpg
⑩ Peculia
Clear ②
1st encounter: Bread / Hamburger
Subsequent encounters: Running Nose

Peculia (Forest)

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
Miitopia Peculia Forest Map.jpg
⑤ Peculia Forest
Clear ④
Donnut Touchshroom / Slorm / Running Nose / Peach Jelly
Miitopia Peculia Forest Map.jpg
⑥ Peculia Forest
Clear ⑤
Fiend / Running Nose
A: Bomble Gum ★★ (1)
B: Game Ticket (3)

Peculia (Desert)

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
Miitopia Peculia Desert Map.jpg
⑧ Peculia Desert
Clear ⑤
Cactus Cool / Running Nose
Miitopia Peculia Desert Map.jpg
⑨ Peculia Desert
Clear ⑧
Cactus Cool / Silver Glyph / Running Nose
A: Game Ticket
B: Armor (Max level: 22)
C: Mummy Jerky ★★ (1)
D: Bone Biscuit ★★ (1)

Eerie Road

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
Miitopia Eerie Road Map.jpg
⑪ Eerie Road
Obtain quest from Traveler's Hub
Ghost Mallet / Bread / Peach Jelly
A: Game Ticket (3)
B: MP Candy (3)
Miitopia Eerie Road Map.jpg
⑫ Eerie Road
Clear ⑪
Ghost Mallet / Running Nose
A: 1700G
Miitopia Eerie Road Map.jpg
⑯ Eerie Road
Clear ⑮
1st encounter: "Traveler" Woof-o'-the-Wisp
Subsequent encounters: Ghost Mallet / Cursed Armor / Lizardman

Peculia (Castle)

Map Image Unlock Condition / Enemies / Treasure Locations
Miitopia Peculia Castle Map.jpg
⑬ Peculia Castle
Clear ⑪
Running Nose / Lizardman
A: Roast Griffin ★★ (1)
Miitopia Peculia Castle Map.jpg
⑭ Peculia Castle
Clear ⑫
A: Game Ticket
B: Weapon (Max level: 22)
Miitopia Peculia Castle Map.jpg
⑮ Peculia Castle
Clear ⑬ and ⑭
Slorm / Cursed Armor / Running Nose / Peach Jelly / Lizardman

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