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Intergrade: All New Features

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This is a compilation of all the new features in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PS5. If you're curious about what's different in the PS5 remaster, keep reading!

Intergrade New Features

Higher Resolution Textures


All of the textures have been improved from the PS4 version so characters and locales are in higher detail and look better than ever in 4K resolution.

Fog Effects


Previously absent in the PS4 version, some areas will now have noticeable fog effects to add to the atmosphere.

Improved Lighting


The lighting sees an upgrade in the PS5 version making the colors pop and the world look less gloomy.

Graphics and Performance Modes

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Two modes that can be chosen from. Graphics Mode focuses on achieveing 4K resolution for supported displays while Performance Mode aims to maintain 60 frames per second at 1080p.

Normal (Classic) Mode Added

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The PS4 version's Classic mode was meant to be a unique way to play the game while reliving memories of the original, but unfortunately its difficulty was tied to Easy mode which wasn't challenging enough for some players. Intergrade rectifies this by adding in a higher difficulty Classic mode.

How to Change Difficulty

Near Instant Load Times

Utilizing the power of the PS5's SSD, load times from the PS4 version are a thing of the past. No more waiting 30 seconds to a minute to get back into the action!

Photo Mode

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Like many games in the past few years, FF7 Remake is joining in on the Photo Mode fun! Pause the game at any time to access Photo Mode, choose your angle and filter, then share away with friends.

How to Use Photo Mode

New Boss Fight


Returning from Dirge of Cerberus, Weiss, the leader of Shinra's Deepground will now be challengeable in the Shinra Combat Simulator.

Requires Purchase of INTERmission DLC for PS4 Upgrades

Keep in mind that if you own the PS4 version of FF7 Remake and upgrade instead of purchasing Intergrade as a whole, the Weiss fight will not be available until you purchase the INTERmission DLC on the PlayStation Store.

Weiss the Immaculate: Character and Voice Actor

Yuffie Episode

FF7R Intergrade Yuffie and Sonon.png

Fan favorite Yuffie Kisaragi returns in an all new story, INTERmission, that takes place before the fall of the plate. Take control of Yuffie and her partner, Sonon, on a mission to steal the ultimate Materia from Shinra!

INTERmission: Yuffie Episode Guide

Does Intergrade Use Ray Tracing?

At this moment in time, Intergrade does not have ray tracing capabilities. While this could be added in an update later on like some other PS5 games, currently there has been no official word on this feature coming to the game or not.

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