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Photo Mode and How to Use

FF7R Intergrade Photo Mode Battle

Welcome to Game8's guide to Photo Mode in FF7 Remake Intergrade for the PS5. To learn more about how to use Photo Mode's features including the 360-Degree Camera, Zoom, Tilt, Filters, and Exposure, read on.

What is Photo Mode?

A New Feature of FF7R Intergrade

The release of FF7R Intergrade not only features a new story episode but several quality-of-life changes as well. Photo mode is one of the many improvements included with Intergrade allowing players to get shots of the gorgeous scenery and character designs of the next-gen Final Fantasy release.

How to Use Photo Mode

360-Degree Camera

FF7R Intergrade Photo Mode Camera Position
Photo Mode allows you to take control of the camera with a full 360-degree range of motion and frame the shot exactly how you like to capture some of the best graphics the series has to offer.

Zoom Feature

FF7R Intergrade Photo Mode Angle  3 Degrees.png

The zoom feature, as the name implies, lets you take a closer look or a wider view of your subject. Whether you are hoping to get a closer look at the finer details of the game or a stunning view of the scenery around you, this feature will surely be of use.

Camera Angles and Tilt

FF7R Intergrade Photo Mode Tilt

The Tilt feature of Photo Mode allows you to rotate the frame of the shot to your liking, giving otherwise standard shots a new perspective. Add a sense of coziness to scenes of characters chatting, or a sense of urgency to a battle scene by using this feature.


FF7R Intergrade Photo Mode Black and White Filter.png

A variety of filters are included with Photo Mode, allowing the player to experiment and give their photos distinct looks. Below is a list of filters featured in the extended trailer.

Filter Image
Antique Photo
Warm Afternoon
Black and White
Retro Animation


Exposure +0.1 Exposure +0.4

The Exposure feature allows the player to alter the lighting of a shot to improve visibility or obscure the image by darkening it. Use this helpful tool to get the lighting just right.

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