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This page contains information about Changing the difficulty setting in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Read on to know how to scale up or tone down the difficulty setting according to your preference.

How to Change Difficulty

Change it in the System Menu

FF7 Remake Difficulties
Open up the Menu. Select Options -> Gameplay -> Difficulty . From there, choose the difficulty you would like the game to change to.

You can use this option to change the difficulty setting at any time outside of a battle. Even in the middle of a chapter, if you find that you're struggling or want to amp up the action, you can change the difficulty to match your preference.

After Completing the Game, Choose it on Chapter Select

After you've completed the main story once, you'll unlock the Chapter Select feature. When you jump to a chapter, you'll have the option to select its Difficulty setting, including the Hard difficulty option.

Even after you've completed the game, you won't be able to change to Hard difficulty from the System Menu. Also, after setting a chapter to the Hard difficulty, the option to change the difficulty from the System Menu will be disabled, so make sure you really want to try a chapter on Hard, or you'll have to restart the whole chapter to change the setting!

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The Four Difficulty Settings

Classic Mode

FF7 Remake Classic Mode
Classic Mode caters to old school fans that have enjoyed the original game. While in Classic mode, Cloud automatically attacks and defends. This allows the player to focus on inputting commands rather than be pressured by the new combat system.

Classic Mode can also be used if the player simply wishes to enjoy the story and / or boss battles as cloud can easily breeze through normal enemies in Auto Mode. The difficulty of enemies encountered while in Classic Mode is the same in Easy Mode.

What is Classic Mode?

Easy Mode

FF7 Remake Easy Difficulty
For newer fans who want to enjoy the story. Easy mode severely weakens the enemies allowing the player to breeze through the game without running into major obstacles in the battles. Recommended for first timers and players who are less familiar with action games.

Normal Mode

FF7 Remake
The recommended mode for strategic players and fans of action games. Normal Mode forces the player to learn the fundamentals of the game such as issuing commands to allies, changing party members, utilizing every character's specialties, and even running away.

Normal Mode is a big step up from Easy Mode, so if you're having some trouble, try checking our guides to leveling up and farming AP and Gil to get an edge over your opponents.

Hard Mode

Unlocked after clearing the main story once on any difficulty setting, Hard Mode is nothing to scoff at. On top of facing much tougher versions of the foes you already faced, you'll also be bound by new limitations.

Hard Mode Differences

  • You cannot change the difficulty setting from the System Menu. To change the difficulty, you will need to use Chapter Select and go to the start of a Chapter with a different difficulty setting.
  • In Hard Mode, you can't use items at all. If you open the Commands Menu and hover over "Items", you'll see a notification that items cannot be used.
  • When using a bench at a rest area, your HP will be restored, but not your MP.
  • You'll receive Manuscripts for defeating most Bosses, as well as sub-bosses found within Side Quests.
  • New matches will be available in the Shinra Combat Simulator in Chapter 17.

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