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This is a list of all weapons in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn stats and Materia slots for every weapon and find out what the best weapons to equip for each character are!

List of Weapons

List of Cloud's Weapons

Buster SwordBuster Sword 22 22 0 0 ○-○
Iron BladeIron Blade 23 31 0 0 ○○○
Nail BatNail Bat 30 30 0 0 None
HardedgeHardedge 57 19 0 0 ○-○○
Mythril SaberMythril Saber 24 72 0 0 ○-○○○
Twin StingerTwin Stinger 46 46 0 0 ○-○○-○

Cloud Strife Weapons and Abilities

List of Barret's Weapons

Gatling GunGatling Gun 19 19 0 0
Light Machine GunLight Machine Gun 22 33 0 0 ○-○
Big BerthaBig Bertha 45 30 0 0 ○-○○
Steel PincersSteel Pincers 53 39 0 0 ○○○
Wrecking BallWrecking Ball 65 17 0 0 ○-○○○
EKG CannonEKG Cannon 34 65 0 0 ○○○○

Barret Wallace Weapons and Abilities

List of Tifa's Weapons

Leather GlovesLeather Gloves 32 22 0 0 ○-○
Metal KnucklesMetal Knuckles 54 12 0 0 ○-○
Sonic StrikersSonic Strikers 32 21 0 0 ○-○○-○
Feathered GlovesFeathered Gloves 50 33 0 0 ○○○
Mythril ClawsMythril Claws 28 55 0 0 ○-○○
Purple PainPurple Pain 51 41 0 0 ○-○○○

Tifa Lockhart Weapons and Abilities

List of Aerith's Weapons

Guard StickGuard Stick 29 43 0 0 ○○
Silver StaffSilver Staff 27 50 0 0 ○-○
Arcane ScepterArcane Scepter 24 36 0 0 ○-○○-○
Mythril RodMythril Rod 24 92 0 0 ○○○
Bladed StaffBladed Staff 39 34 0 0 ○-○○○
Reinforced StaffReinforced Staff 50 82 0 0 ○-○○

Aerith Gainsborough Weapons and Abilities

Weapon Abilities

Each weapon comes with its own specific ability that can be unlocked to use with any weapon through use or achieving its Proficiency Bonus. Check the link below for a list of each ability and how to quickly unlock them!

How to Learn Weapon Abilities

The Best Weapons for Each Character

The best weapons for each character combine high attack and magic attack stats, as well as weapon skills. Since all armor can be upgraded to have six materia slots, this is not a deciding factor in choosing the best weapons.

How to Find The Best Weapons For Everyone

Equipment Related Links

List of Equipment

WeaponIcon.pngWeapons ArmorIcon.pngArmor AccessoryIcon.pngAccessories
Obtaining the Best Equipment
How to Find The Best Weapons For Everyone How to Get the Best Armor How to Get the Best Accessories

List of Equipment


3 Anonymous9 months

>>2 exp up and ap up materia are available somewhat late in regular game, but yea really no need to grind until playing hard mode.

2 Anonymous9 months

No more ap multiplier weapons? What a bummer that you can only really start grinding on post game.

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