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This is a list of equipment found in the game FF7 Remake. Equipment including Weapons, Armor, and Accessories will greatly influence your characters' stats, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of equipment here.

What is Equipment?

WeaponIcon.pngWeapons ArmorIcon.pngArmor AccessoryIcon.pngAccessories

Equipment in FF7 Remake consists of Weapons, Armor and Accessories exclusive to each character. To defeat strong enemies, you'll need strong equipment.



Weapons in FF7 Remake are classified into those used by Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aerith. While some weapons have a high Attack power, other weapons have extra Materia slots, and still others allow Materia to level up more quickly. Learn about the different kinds of weapons, how to obtain them, and how useful they are for leveling up Materia on each weapon page below.

List of Weapons and How to Get Them



Unlike weapons, Equipment items classified as Armor are not specified to a single character. Armor with unique characteristics such as boasting multiple Materia slots, and halving the damage of a given element, can be found and used to specialize your party. Learn about the kinds of Armor, their properties and how to obtain them on each Armor page below.

List of Armor and How to Get Them



Equipment items classified as Accessories include mainstays such as the Ribbon, which prevent most status effects, rings providing immunity to elemental damage, and others. Learn about the different kinds of Accessories, their properties and how to acquire each Accessory on the pages below.

List of Accessories and How to Get Them

List of Equipment

List of Weapons

List of Weapons and How to Get Them

List of Cloud's Weapons

List of Cloud's Weapons
Buster Sword Mythril Saber Hardedge Butterfly Edge
Murasame Organics Crystal Sword Force Stealer
Rune Blade Enhance Sword Nail Bat Yoshiyuki
Apocalypse Heaven's Cloud Ragnarok Ultima Weapon

List of Barret's Weapons

List of Barret's Weapons
Gatling Gun Assault Gun Cannon Ball Atomic Scissors
Heavy Vulcan Chainsaw Microlaser AM Cannon
W Machine Gun Drill Arm Solid Bazooka Rocket Punch
Enemy Launcher Pile Banger Max Ray Missing Score

List of Tifa's Weapons

List of Tifa's Weapons
Leather Glove Metal Knuckle Mythril Claw Grand Glove
Tiger Fang Diamond Knuckle Dragon Claw Crystal Glove
Motor Drive Platinum Fist Kaiser Knuckle Work Glove
Power Soul Master Fist God's Hand Premium Heart

List of Aerith's Weapons

List of Aerith's Weapons
Guard Stick Mythril Rod Full Metal Staff Striking Staff
Prism Staff Aurora Rod Wizard Staff Wizer Staff
Fairy Tale Umbrella Princess Guard

List of Red XIII's Weapons

List of Red XIII's Weapons
Mythril Clip Diamond Pin Silver Barrette Gold Barrette
Adaman Clip Crystal Comb Magic Comb Plus Barrette
Centclip Hairpin Seraph Comb Behemoth Horn
Spring Gun Clip Limited Moon

List of Armor

List of Armor and How to Get Them

List of Armor
Bronze Bangle Iron Bangle Titan Bangle Mythril Armlet
Carbon Bangle Silver Armlet Gold Armlet Diamond Bangle
Crystal Bangle Platinum Bangle Rune Armlet Edincoat
Wizard Bracelet Adaman Bangle Gigas Armlet Imperial Guard
Aegis Armlet Fourth Bracelet Warrior Bangle Shinra Beta
Shinra Alpha Four Slots Fire Armlet Aurora Armlet
Bolt Armlet Dragon Armlet Minerva Band Escort Guard
Mystile Ziedrich Precious Watch Chocobracelet

List of Accessories

List of Accessories and How to Get Them

List of Accessories
Power Wrist Protect Vest Earrings Talisman
Chocofeather Amulet Champion Belt Poison Ring
Tough Ring (Touph Ring) Circlet Star Pendant Silver Glasses
Headband Fairy Ring Jem Ring White Cape
Sprint Shoes Peace Ring Ribbon Fire Ring
Ice Ring Bolt Ring Tetra Elemental Safety Bit
Fury Ring Curse Ring Protect Ring Cat's Bell
Reflect Ring Water Ring Sneak Glove HypnoCrown

This list is under construction – check back after the release of FF7 Remake for further details, and if you have any new information to share, be sure to post in the comments!

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