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List of Mantles and How To Acquire Them

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This is a list of all the obtainable mantles in the Monster Hunter World (MHW) base game as well as the Iceborne expansion. We will explain how to attain them and what they do. Read on to learn more!


Mantles are obtainable throughout the Monster Hunter World (MHW) game. Each applying a temporary buff to the hunter. This is a specialized tool you can equip from your inventory to help you on your quests!

Each of these mantles have their own specialized effect that gives the hunter a specific ability. These can usually be obtained by completing quests and deliveries.

List Of Mantles

A list of all the current mantles, their effects, jewel slots and how to get them in Monster Hunter World (MHW) all the way to Iceborne!

Mantle Effects
Apothecary MantleApothecary Mantle Increases possibility of triggering status build-up when attacking with weapons that induce abnormal status effects.
AssassinAssassin's Hood Increases movement speed and allows you to hide quicker. Deal greater damage to an unsuspecting monster then the mantle effect with go away
Bandit MantleBandit Mantle Increases chances of monsters dropping rare trade-in items when you attack them
Challenger MantleChallenger Mantle Increases the chances of a monster attacking you.
Dragonproof MantleDragonproof Mantle Reduces Dragon damage and nullifies Dragonblight. Powers up your weapon's dragon element.
Evasion MantleEvasion Mantle Increases invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment
Fireproof MantleFireproof Mantle Prevents Fire Damage, Fireblight and Blastblight. Prevents damage from hot areas.
Ghillie MantleGhillie Mantle Conceals you from enemy view temporarily, The effect goes away once you attack or take damage.
Glider MantleGlider Mantle Increases jump airtime and gives you the ability to ride strong winds. Increases chances of mounting a monster.
Iceproof MantleIceproof Mantle Reduced ice damage and nullifies iceblight. Also minimizes movement reduction and effects of snow and cold.
Immunity MantleImmunity Mantle Nullifies all abnormal status effects for the duration of equipment.
Impact MantleImpact Mantle Increases stun effect or increases effect of existing stun weapon ability.
Rocksteady MantleRocksteady Mantle Eliminates damage reactions and protects you from wind effects, tremor effects and monster roars. As well as reduced damage taken from attacks.
Temporal MantleTemporal Mantle Nullifies powerful attacks by automatic evasion
Thunderproof MantleThunderproof Mantle Reduces thunder damage and prevents thunderblight and paralysis
Vitality MantleVitality Mantle Negates fixed amount of damage.
Waterproof MantleWaterproof Mantle Reduces water damage, movement restrictions from water and muck. Nullifies waterblight.

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