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Sector 6 Slums (Wall Market) - Map and Obtainable Items

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This is the map for the Sector 6 Slums (Wall Market) area in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Learn what items are found in each part of this area, where each of the key events takes place, and what items are found in Treasure Chests and Shinra Boxes.

Wall Market Area Guide

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Check out our full Wall Market area guide to learn everything there is to do in this sprawling city of the night!

Wall Market Guide

Sector 6 Slums (Wall Market) - Map

List of Maps
Sector 6 Slums Sector 6 Slums Details
Collapsed Expressway - Lower Level Corneo's Mansion - 2F
Corneo Colosseum Collapsed Expressway - Old Bypass, simode:scaleCollapsed Expressway - Old Bypass
Bandit's Den -
Red Dot (Treasure Chest) These items are set. The listed item will always be found here.
Yellow Dot (Shinra Box) These items are random. Items other than those listed may be found here.

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Sector 6 Slums (Wall Market) - Obtainable

Sector 6 Slums
Moogle Medal 1,000 Gil Headband
Ethel - -
Collapsed Expressway - Lower Level
Hi-Potion x2 Mega-Potion Binding Materia
Magnify Materia - -
Corneo's Mansion - 2F
Molotov Cocktail - -
Bandit's Den
Ether Heavy-Duty Bracer Orb of Gravity

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5 Sector 7 Slums 15 Sector 7 Pillar
6 Employee Housing Area 16 Damaged Sector 7
7 Corkscrew Tunnel 17 Damaged Sector 6
8 Sector 4 18 Collapsed Sector 7 Plate
9 Mako Reactor 5 19 Sector 0 (Shinra Building)
10 Sector 5 Slums 20 -


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