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Autumn Harvest Fest

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This page covers the Autumn Harvest Fest event in Monster Hunter World (MHW). Keep reading to find out what event quests are available, obtainable limited time equipment, and when the event will be held!

Autumn Harvest Fest Event Period

PS4 8/9/2019 9 a.m. - 8/16/2019 8:59 a.m.
PC 10/15/2020 5 p.m. PDT - 11/05/2020 4:59 p.m. PDT

Autumn Harvest Fest Event Details

Forge Limited Time Equipment

During the Winter Star Fest, you can make equipment that will only be available for a limited time. Once the event is up, these items won't be available anymore so better make them as soon as possible!

Collect Tickets and Forge Autumn Themed Gear!

Using Winter Star Tickets obtained via Login Bonuses or Daily Bounties you can forge an armor set, a layered armor set, and a Palico armor set!

Harvest Armor Set Harvest Layered Set Ghost Set

Other Limited Time Equipment

Quest Name Forgeable Equipment
Every Hunter's Dream Wyvern Ignition "Steel"
Wyvern Ignition "Impact" (Upgrade)
Code: Red Dante Armor
Dante's Devil Sword
A Rush Of Blood Mega Man Palico Set
Lessons of the Wild Horizon Zero Dawn Palico Set

Forge a Powerful Great Sword

Every Hunter
Completing the event quest Every Hunter's Dream will allow you to forge the incredibly strong Wyvern Ignition Impact. You can accept this quest if you're HR8 or higher so making this sword during the event period is a no brainer.

Wyvern Ignition Impact | Weapon Stats and Required Materials

Raise Your Hunter Rank

Raise HR.jpeg

During this event there are quests that are great for raising your Hunter Rank. As your HR goes up more quests will unlock so those who have a low HR should take advantage of these quests!

Collect Augmentation Materials

At the Autumn Harvest Festival, quests where Augmentation Materials are easily obtained will be made available. We recommend making sure to take advantage of this availability due to the rarity of Augmentation Materials.

Farm Monster Materials

During the Autumn Harvest Festival, quests wherein you can easily obtain monster materials will be available. You can hunt monsters whose material is more difficult to collect, such as Xeno'jiiva.

Xeno'jiiva Weakness and Strategy Guide

Earn Large Monster Gold Crowns

During the Autumn Harvest Festival, quests with maximum and minimum Gold Crown monsters will be available again. Feel free to run through them as many times as you want and collect the rewards!

Gold Crown Quests and Featured Monster

Quest Name Monster
Deepgreen Blues Great Jagras
Wildspire Bolero Kulu-Ya-Ku
Coral Waltz Tzitzi-Ya-Ku
Pink Rathian
Effluvial Opera Great Girros
Rock n' Roll Recess Dodogama
Azure Rathalos

Autumn Harvest Fest Special Features

Receptionists Will Wear Autumn Themed Outfits

During the Autumn Harvest Fest, the costumes of the NPCs around the hubs including the Handler and your pet pig get a winter makeover as they wear things more suited to the festive autumn weather.

Boosted Facilities

Daily Login Bonuses

During this event, you get two Lucky Vouchers when you log in for the day instead of one. You can also get an Autumn Harvest Ticket as a login bonus during the event! Lucky Vouchers increase the rewards for a quest, and the Autumn Harvest Tickets are limited time items that are only available at this time.

Delivery Bounty

During this event the daily delivery bounty will give you bonus items, such as the Autumn Harvest Ticket and Harvest Fireworks! Yay!

Sale on Facilities

During the event, facilities will hold a sale for their items, making them cheaper. 'Tis the season to be hunting, as it makes it easier to restock on those items due to the price drop!

Limited Seasonal Platter Meal

Additionally, there is a special meal only available at the Gathering Hub for the duration of the Fest. The Seasonal Platter does not cost ingredients and buffs your character with 50 health and stamina points, and it has three star activation for food abilities! Don’t forget to fill up before a quest!

How to Join Autumn Harvest Fest

The Autumn Harvest Festival occurs when you enter the Gathering Hub. If you’re just getting started, keep in mind you need to unlock the Gathering Hub in the story before being able to do this!

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