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This guide will show you how to use Melee Weapons in The Last of Us Part II. You'll also be able to find out other information, such as how to find different weapons and more.

Melee Weapons: Basic Information

Weapon Machete.jpgMachete
Description Increases the power of your melee attacks.
Type Melee
Capacity 1

Melee Weapons and Durability List

Weapon Durability Type
Machete.jpgMachete 7 One-Handed
Hammer.jpgHammer 4 One-Handed
2x4.jpg2x4 3 Two-Handed
Axe.jpgAxe 4 Two-Handed
Pickaxe.jpgPickaxe 3 Two-Handed
Pipe.jpgPipe 5 Two-Handed
Scythe.jpgSickle 6 One-Handed
Club.jpgClub 4 One-Handed
Baton 5 One-Handed
Pipe Wrench.png 5 One-Handed

How to Use Melee Weapons

How to Use Melee Weapons - 1.jpg
Melee Weapons are items that you can pick up throughout the game. Upon pickup, they will be automatically equipped and will have a durability meter that can be found below the weapon icon. These weapons increase the power of your melee attacks depending on its type.

There are only 2 Types of Melee Weapons available in the game. One of them being Two-handed weapons and the other one being One-handed weapons. Two-handed weapons are stronger but significantly slower, while One-handed weapons are slightly weaker but faster to attack with.

Also, regardless of the type, Melee Weapons can sometimes instantly execute an enemy if used when they are off-guard.

How to Use Melee Weapons - 2.jpg
Be sure to keep an eye on the durability of your weapon before engaging. Breaking your Melee Weapon mid-combo can be dangerous especially if you are fighting against an infected enemy like Clickers or Stalkers.

How to Get Melee Weapons

Pick up from the ground!

Melee weapons can sometimes be found lying around on the ground or dropped by enemies. Only one item of this type can be held at a time, so be sure to use them, or else the other melee weapons you see will go to waste!

Last of Us 2 Weapons

List of Weapons


Semi-Auto Pistol Revolver
Military Pistol Hunting Pistol

Long Guns

Long Guns
Bolt-Action Rifle Pump Shotgun Bow
Semi-Auto Rifle Double Barrel Shotgun Crossbow
Flamethrower Silenced Submachine Gun -


Throwable Weapons
Bottle Brick Molotov
Stun Bomb Trap Mine Pipe Bomb


Other Weapons
Machete Hammer 2x4
Axe Pickaxe Pipe
Sickle Club Baton
Pipe Wrench Switchblade Shiv


Recovery Items
Health Kits


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You should add which weapons are “one-hit kill“ (before upgrades) weapons. I know for a fact that the pickaxe is, but I’ve also heard the axe (not the hatchet, but the big axe, like the one stuck in the tree stump in the Seraphite village) is. I wonder if all two-handed weapons are, but, iirc, the pipe and bat aren’t, and both are two-handed.

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