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How to Get the Assess Materia


This is a page about the Assess materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake). Learn how to get the Assess materia, the skills learned from the Assess materia, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the Assess materia.

Assess Materia Skills and Information

Basic Information

Assess Materia
Materia Type Command Materia
Effect Allows you to use Assess.


Attack (±) Magic Attack (±) Defense (±) Magic Defense (±)
- - - -
Strength (±) Magic (±) Vitality (±) Spirit (±)
- - - -
Luck (±) Speed (±) Max HP (±) Max MP (±)
- - - -

Assess Materia Growth and Required AP

Level AP Required Acquired Skill
★1 - Use Assess on a single target
★2 300 Use Assess on all targets

How to Get the Assess Materia

How to Get the Assess Materia
FF7 Remake Receive from Chadley.
INTERmission DLC #1: Equipped to Yuffie at the start of the game.

Chadley will give this materia to you to help him with the first Battle Intel Report during an Odd Job in Chapter 3. See the link below for a guide through this Odd Job.

Chadley's Report Walkthrough

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