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Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads Story Guide & Walkthrough

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This is a guide and walkthrough to Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads, a story chapter in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Read on to learn locations of items, rewards for completing this chapter, as well as useful tips and strategies for getting through this part of the story.

Previous Chapter Deliverance from Chaos
Current Chapter Destiny's Crossroads
Next Chapter -

List of Main Scenario Objectives


No. Title Description
1 Flying Through the Night The party reaches the end of the highway and discovers Sephiroth waiting for them.
2 The Turning Point In the world beyond, Sephiroth shows Cloud a vision of the planet seven seconds before its demise. Having strayed from the course destiny set for them, they strike out on a path toward an unknown future.

Chapter 18: Destiny's Crossroads Walkthrough

Midgar Expressway


1 After the cutscene, you'll be on your bike. This section will use the same controls as the first section of Chapter 4. Tifa will be driving another car.
How to Win the Bike Minigame
2 Four Security Officers on bikes will come up from the rear. Take them out.
3 Two Security Officers and a Truck will come up. While you're fighting the Truck, more Security Officers will continue to appear from the rear. Take them all out while avoiding the Truck's gunfire, then finally finish off the Truck.
4 A helicopter from above will target you, and then drop bombs ahead. Swerve out of the way to avoid them. Under the tunnel, Red XIII will fully restore your health.
5 Three Slug-Rays will appear and start targeting you with laser beams. Take them out with your long-range attack.
6 Next, you'll fight a M.O.T.H. Unit. Another Slug-Ray will come up near the end of the battle.
7 After the cutscene, another helicopter will appear, along with two Elite Security Officers. Take them out while avoiding shots from the chopper. You can see where the bombs will land ahead of you before they fall.
After you take out the Elite Security Officers, a cutscene will begin, and you'll fight the boss Motor Ball.
How to Beat Motor Ball
9 After you defeat Motor Ball, a cutscene will begin.

End of the Road


1 Continue ahead to the end. A cutscene will begin.
Be sure to use the rest stop here.
2 At the end of the cutscene, you'll have the option to check your equipment and Materia. Be sure to do so.
3 Continue ahead and say Yeah. when Aerith asks if you are ready. A cutscene will begin.
4 After the cutscene, continue ahead on the path, stepping on each successive arrow pad.
At the end, you'll start a boss fight with Whisper Harbinger, along with Whisper Rubrum, Whisper Viridi, and Whisper Croceo. Cloud, Barret and Tifa will be in your party.
How to Beat Whisper Harbinger
After Whisper Harbinger uses Correction, run up the pipe on the right side of the platform.
After the cutscene, continue the battle.
After Whisper Harbinger uses Intercession, step on the arrow pad on the left to jump into the next pipe. Run down the path.
In the next part, you'll fight just Whisper Harbinger and Whisper Rubrum. After defeating Whisper Rubrum, a cutscene will begin.
In the next part, you'll fight just Whisper Harbinger and Whisper Viridi and Whisper Croceo with only Cloud and Barret. After defeating Whisper Rubrum, a cutscene will begin.
Whisper Harbinger will use Correction and you'll move to another area, and continue the same fight.
After the cutscene, you'll fight Whisper Rubrum, Whisper Viridi, and Whisper Croceo with Cloud, Tifa and Aerith.
After some fighting, the three will combine into Whisper Bahamut.
After defeating Whisper Bahamut, the three will separate again. Defeat them and finally, defeat Whisper Harbinger.
After the cutscene, you'll fight Sephiroth. Only Cloud will be in your party.
In the second phase of the fight, Aerith will rejoin you.
In the third phase of the fight, Barret will rejoin Cloud and Aerith.
Defeat Sephiroth and watch the final cutscene of the game.
How to Beat Sephiroth
7 The Post-Game content, including Chapter Select, will be unlocked.
All Post-Game Content

Maps and Obtainable Items


Coming soon.

Obtainable Items


Shops & Vending Machines

Vending Machine

On the full map On the area map
Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 300 Gil
Mega-Potion 700 Gil
Mega-Potion (Stock: 3) 300 Gil
Ether 500 Gil
Ether (Stock: 2) 100 Gil
Elixir (Stock: 1) 1000 Gil
Phoenix Down 300 Gil
Phoenix Down (Stock: 2) 100 Gil
Antidote 80 Gil
Echo Mist 100 Gil
Smelling Salts 80 Gil
Remedy 600 Gil
Weapons / Armor Price
Cog Bangle 4000 Gil
Geometric Bracelet 6400 Gil
Supreme Bracer 6400 Gil
Rune Armlet 6400 Gil
Accessories Price
Power Wristguards 800 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 800 Gil
Earrings 800 Gil
Talisman 800 Gil
Supernatural Wristguards 5000 Gil
Survival Vest 5000 Gil
Platinum Earrings 5000 Gil
Timeworn Talisman 5000 Gil
Star Pendant 1500 Gil
Headband 1500 Gil
Revival Earrings 500 Gil
Materia Price
Healing Materia 600 Gil
Cleansing Materia 1500 Gil
Revival Materia 3000 Gil
Fire Materia 500 Gil
Ice Materia 500 Gil
Lightning Materia 500 Gil
Poison Materia 1500 Gil
Barrier Materia 1500 Gil
Binding Materia 3000 Gil
Subversion Materia 3000 Gil
Time Materia 5000 Gil
HP Up Materia 2000 Gil
MP Up Materia 2000 Gil
Deadly Dodge Materia 600 Gil

Tips and Strategies

Midgar Expressway

Hug the Sides


Cloud narrowly avoiding one of Motor Ball's electric bombs.

When you're hugging the sides of the road, it will make a scraping noise, but Cloud actually won't take any damage. This position can be advantageous for avoiding attacks, so stay close to the side when traps appear on the road.

The Truck

This Truck will spray you with gunfire out from one of its windows. When you're being targeted, move to the opposite window. Again, don't be afraid to hug the walls to dodge the bullets.

How to Win the Bike Minigame

Choose Who to Fight with Against Sephiroth

The party members who will join you during the battle against Sephiroth will be determined by a point system based on how they perform against the Whispers.

Action Points
Barret Tifa Aerith
Using an Ability, Spell, or Item 24 20 44
Using a Limit Break 120 100 220
Reducing any Whisper's HP to 0 and Staggering them 120 100 220
Finishing off Whisper Bahamut or Whisper Harbinger - 250 550

How to Choose Who Fights Sephiroth

Boss Strategy Guide

Motor Ball

Motor Ball
Where he Appears Weaknesses
Midgar Expressway None

How to Defeat Motor Ball - Key Points

  • Knock out each of its wheels to make it vulnerable
  • Brake when it prepares an attack
  • Hug the sides to avoid its electric bombs

How to Beat Motor Ball

Watch for Patterns

This is a very pattern-based fight, and once you've memorized Motor Ball's patterns, it's easy enough.

  • When he lifts his wheels in the air, brake before he slams them down to avoid it.
  • When he starts charging his flame blast attack, brake before it launches to avoid it.
  • When he starts shooting at you, press R1 to guard. This is the hardest attack to avoid taking damage from.
  • When he moves ahead, hug the sides to avoid his electric bombs.
  • Other than that, feel free to slash away! The Spinning Slash is great for filling his Focus Gauge.

Whisper Harbinger

Whisper Harbinger
Whisper Harbinger.png
Where he Appears Weaknesses
End of the Road None

How to Defeat Whisper Harbinger - Key Points

  • Don't spend your powerful attacks until after Whisper Harbinger uses Intercession
  • When the smaller Whispers are staggered, hammer away
  • Deal enough damage when the smaller Whispers are Staggered to continue the fight

How to Beat Whisper Harbinger

The main rule of this fight is, ignore the big guy. Whisper Harbinger himself won't do much and he can't be hurt until the very end of the fight, even when Staggered. The key is to keep wailing on the smaller Whispers, and when you Stagger them, Whisper Harbinger will start taking damage, so aim to Stagger the smaller Whispers as much as possible to end this fight quickly.

Chapter 18: Sephiroth

Where he Appears Weaknesses
End of the Road None

How to Defeat Sephiroth - Key Points

  • Don't use an Elemental Materia
  • Use Support Magic on Cloud
  • Hit him repeatedly when his Focus Gauge is high
  • Use Counterstance to reflect his blows

How to Beat Sephiroth

Compared to other boss fights, Sephiroth really isn't the hardest in the game. He mostly uses melee attacks, so use the Punisher Mode counter and Twin Stinger's Counterstance Ability to deal damage back to him when he hits you.

During the second and third phases of the fight, he'll often target one of your characters and attack them relentlessly. When this happens, switch characters and attack him with the other character with no repercussions.

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