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Character Ranking by Stat

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This is a ranking of all the playable characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) by stat. Learn what characters are strongest in each stat, and which characters lag behind!

Full Character Stat Chart

This chart and all following sections show all the characters' stats at Level 50. The ranking of their stats may vary slightly depending on the level.

Char HP MP Str Mag Vit Spr Lck Spd
Cloud IconCloud 4820 75 107 100 63 63 72 55
Barret IconBarret 5688 58 91 82 74 52 65 45
Tifa IconTifa 4338 64 100 91 57 57 72 65
Aerith IconAerith 3952 85 75 107 52 74 59 50
Yuffie IconYuffie 4338 71 91 91 57 57 72 65
Sonon IconSonon 6077 90 100 82 63 63 59 55

Characters Ranked by HP

Character Value
Sonon IconSonon 6077
Barret IconBarret 5688
Cloud IconCloud 4820
Yuffie IconYuffie 4338
Tifa IconTifa 4338
Aerith IconAerith 3952

Barret's high HP makes him far and away the best tank in the game. Further pumping up his HP with Materia like HP Up will make him even beefier.

On the other hand, Aerith's low HP makes her susceptible to quick knockouts, so it's best to control her mainly when using Magic or Abilities, as the character controlled by the player tends to take more hits from enemy attacks than the computer-controlled characters.

Characters Ranked by MP

Character Value
Sonon IconSonon 90
Aerith IconAerith 85
Cloud IconCloud 75
Yuffie IconYuffie 71
Tifa IconTifa 64
Barret IconBarret 58

Aerith's high MP makes her a no-brainer for the primary spellcaster role. Play her as a black mage to deal big damage to enemies, or a white mage to serve as a healer for those on the front lines. She can also use Arcane Ward Ability to allow spells to automatically be cast twice, allowing her and others to further save MP.

Barret's low MP makes him a tough choice for a healer, but he often has no choice given his role as a ranged attacker. Save his MP for healing spells and let him do the offensive work with his gun.

Characters Ranked by Strength

Character Value
Cloud IconCloud 107
Sonon IconSonon 100
Tifa IconTifa 100
Yuffie IconYuffie 91
Barret IconBarret 91
Aerith IconAerith 75

Despite the variation in the characters' Strength, all of them are effective when using their basic attacks. Tifa and Barret's attacks hit faster than Cloud's, so you won't feel the gap in Strength heavily when using them.

As Aerith's basic attacks use her Magic Attack stat instead of her Attack stat, her low Strength doesn't come into play often. Feel free to use her ranged attacks to hit enemies even when she doesn't have enough ATB charge for an attack.

What Does Strength Do?

Characters Ranked by Magic

Character Value
Aerith IconAerith 107
Cloud IconCloud 100
Yuffie IconYuffie 91
Tifa IconTifa 91
Sonon IconSonon 82
Barret IconBarret 82

Aerith's high Magic stat is key because it powers up her offensive magic, her healing magic, and even her standard attack, which refer to the Magic Attack stat instead of the Attack stat.

On the other hand, Tifa and Barret's low Magic make them less effective as healers, so be sure to boost their Magic in addition to their MP when placing them in a support role.

What Does Magic Do?

Characters Ranked by Vitality

Character Value
Barret IconBarret 74
Sonon IconSonon 63
Cloud IconCloud 63
Yuffie IconYuffie 57
Tifa IconTifa 57
Aerith IconAerith 52

Vitality affects Defense, which Barret has in spades – this further increases his effectiveness as a tank, but be warned that it won't make a difference for Magic attacks.

Aerith's low Vitality makes her further more vulnerable, so consider boosting her Vitality as well as HP when you find your healer needing too much healing herself.

What Does Vitality Do?

Characters Ranked by Spirit

Character Value
Aerith IconAerith 74
Sonon IconSonon 63
Cloud IconCloud 63
Yuffie IconYuffie 57
Tifa IconTifa 57
Barret IconBarret 52

Spirit affects Magic Defense, which means Aerith can play a rare defensive role when faced with Magic-heavy enemies. Boost her HP and send her to handle tough Magic users like Leviathan.

On the other hand, Spirit tends to be the crack in the Barret's armor, so consider patching the hole with Armor like the Astral Cuff or allowing the computer to control him to reduce the hits he takes against Magic attacks.

Characters Ranked by Luck

Character Value
Yuffie IconYuffie 72
Cloud IconCloud 72
Tifa IconTifa 72
Barret IconBarret 65
Sonon IconSonon 59
Aerith IconAerith 59

Cloud and Tifa tie for the highest Luck, which affects Critical Hit and Steal rates. Be sure to place the Steal Materia on a Character with a high Luck stat, and attack more with these characters as well, maximizing your chance of yielding a Critical Hit.

Also consider using the Luck Up Materia with Cloud or Tifa to send your Critical Hit rate soaring!

What Does Luck Do?

Characters Ranked by Speed

Character Value
Yuffie IconYuffie 65
Tifa IconTifa 65
Sonon IconSonon 55
Cloud IconCloud 55
Aerith IconAerith 50
Barret IconBarret 45

Speed allows a character's ATB Gauge to charge faster, and Tifa is a pro at this. Together with her high Luck, she's great at using Steal, as well as using Unbridled Strength to power up her Rising Uppercut into Omnistrike, followed by Rise and Fall, to increase enemies' Stagger Damage Rate over 300%.

What Does Speed Do?

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