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Corneo Colosseum Rewards and Battle Challenges

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This is a guide to fights in the Corneo Colosseum, in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). This page will explain the battles that appear in this area, as well as Colosseum Rewards, strategy, and difficulty. If you can't beat the colosseum, read on to learn how!

What is the Corneo Colosseum?

Get various rewards for completing battles

Clear Screen.jpg

The Corneo Colosseum is a battle arena in Wall Market which can be cleared to receive unique rewards. The rewards that you receive don't change based on your game's difficulty setting, so you can play whatever level feels most comfortable for you.

Obtain Level 2 Limit Breaks!


Every party member can obtain a “Legacy” Manuscript here, which is needed to teach them a new limit break. Keep in mind that even after unlocking these new Limit Breaks, you'll need to change them under Battle Settings to use them.

List of Limit Breaks | Limit Break Guide

Can be accessed in Chapter 9 and Chapter 14

Corneo Colosseum becomes available after an event with the Colosseum in Chapter 9, and can be accessed in Chapter 14 as well. However, note that Aerith can only use the Colosseum in Chapter 9, while Tifa and Barret can only use it in Chapter 14.

A series of 5 battles where you cannot use items

In the Corneo Colosseum, you will have to fight five battles in a row without the use of items, You'll get recoveries like HP 50%, MP 30%, but you won't be able to use items to recover mid battle, so make sure you don't exhaust all of your MP.

Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges

Party Member vs Wild Animals (★1)

Battle 1.jpg
Party Member Reward
One character of your choice Mega Potion

Equip the Lightning Materia

You can take down the Lesser Drakes pretty quickly hitting them with magic to make them fall down. Since Lightning magic never misses, equip whatever character you are using with Lightning beforehand to make much easier work of them.

Difficulty is not so bad

The foes in these battles don't have that much HP, and none of them have any particularly devastating attacks, so it isn't too hard of a battle. You can also get through it pretty quickly, so it is great for grinding levels, or trying to pick up extra items.

2 Party Members vs Slum Outlaws

Battle 2.jpg
Party Members Reward
Any 2 of your choice Clarity Pendant

Watch out for the red-haired Bandit's trap!

The red-haired Bandit foe will set up an electric trap, and if you touch it, you'll be unable to move temporarily, which will put you in a very dangerous position. While the trap is set, keep your distance and fight other enemies.

Cover the Huntsman from the front and behind

Since the Huntsman will block your attacks with his heavy shield, you'll need to cover both sides of him to effectively attack. He is also rather weak to magic, especially fire, so use this to make quick work of him. If you are using Cloud, you can also go into punisher mode and block his attacks for a powerful counterattack!

Corneo Colosseum Rewards

★1 Difficulty Battle Challenges

Battle Challenge Reward
Cloud vs Wild Animals Manuscript:
Legacy: Ascension
Barret vs Wild Animals Manuscript:
Legacy: Catastrophe
Tifa vs Wild Animals Manuscript:
Legacy: Dolphin Flurry
Aerith vs Wild Animals Manuscript:
Legacy: Planet's Protection

★2 Difficulty Battle Challenges

Battle Challenge Reward
2 Party Members vs Slum Outlaws Clarity Pendant

★3 Difficulty Battle Challenges

Battle Challenge Reward
Cloud vs Shinra Thugs The Art of Swordplay Vol. II
Barret vs Shinra Thugs Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. II
Tifa vs Shinra Thugs Way of the Fist Vol. II
Aerith vs Shinra Thugs Telluric Scriptures Vol. II
3 Member Team vs Shinra Warriors Tarot Cards

★4 Difficulty Battle Challenges

Battle Challenge Reward
3 Member Team vs Team Payback Moogle's Amulet

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