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This is a guide for the drinking challenges scattered throughout the world of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Read on to learn tips and strategies how to best your foes in old-fashioned drinking game, and even earn more silver!

How to Start the Drinking Challenge

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Speak to Tekla at Fornburg in Norway

You'll first encounter the Drinking Challenge at Fornburg at the start of the game where Tekla, a villager, will challenge Eivor to a drinking match.

Drinking Challenges normally require Eivor to wager some silver to play, but for the first drinking game, it's free.

Wager a Bet

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To start a Drinking Challenge, Eivor needs to make a bet.

A Small bet costs 100 silver, while a Medium bet costs 150. A Big bet costs 200 silver.

How to Win the Drinking Game

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Eivor needs to finish three horns of mead before the opponent to win the game.

Time Your Gulps

The Drinking Challenge is essentially a rhythm game; you need to press X or A when the white circle is within the orange circle to drink the mead.

Timing and Speed

Each successful gulp speeds up the process, making the timing more difficult but also allowing Eivor to drink faster than the opponent. Find the right rhythm and chain your combos to win!

Note: Pressing the button at the wrong time causes Eivor to spill their drink, slowing down their progress and resetting any combos.

Listen to the Cheers

Starting a drinking challenge gathers a crown of spectators that will cheer at Eivor and their opponent, and they're more than just background characters!

Listen to their cheers. You'll want to time your gulps roughly at the same time they cheer Skal. They'll also cheer faster when you rack up combos.

Drinking Game Locations

We're currently updating this section. Check back for updates!

Norway Drinking Games


ACV - Alrekstad Drinking Challenge.png
You can find a Drinking Challenge in Alrekstad in Norway. It's located on the northeastern part of the map.


ACV - Stavanger Drinking Challenge.png
You can find a Drinking Challenge in Stavanger in Norway. It's located on the southwestern part of the map.

England Drinking Games


ACV - Grantebridge Drinking Challenge.png
You can find a Drinking Challenge in Grantebridge. Note: This location requires you to liberate Grantebridge.


ACV - Northwic Drinking Challenge.png

You can find a Drinking Challenge in Northwic.


ACV - Drinking Challenge Walden.jpgEnlarge

You can find a Drinking Challenge in Walden.

Drinking Game Rewards

Earn More Silver

There are no rewards to winning a Drinking Challenge but, depending on your bet, you can earn a significant amount of silver, essentially doubling your wager depending on the size of your initial bet.

This means that if you wager a big bet costing 200 silver and win, you'll end up with 400 silver to your name!

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