Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Drinking Challenge Guide: How to Win the Drinking Game

This guide will show you the drinking challenges scattered throughout the world of Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Read on to learn tips and strategies on how to best your foes in an old-fashioned drinking game and even earn more silver!

How to Start a Drinking Challenge

Look for a Drinking Challenge

ACV - Tekla Dialogue Drinking Game.png
Drinking Challenges are scattered all over Norway and England. These are marked by crossed drinking horns on your map and are usually located in bustling towns and villages.

The earliest available drinking challenge is at Fornburg against Tekla.

Drinking Challenges require you to wager some silver to start. Tekla's drinking challenge, however, is free since this serves as the tutorial.

Place Your Wager

ACV - Drinking Challenge Bet.png
Place a wager against your opponent to begin the drinking challenge.

Refer to the table below for all possible bets and their cost in silver:

Small Bet 100 silver
Medium Bet 150 silver
Big Bet 200 silver

How to Win the Drinking Game

ACV - Drinking Mini Game.png
The drinking game begins once you have placed a bet against your opponent! The goal of the game is to drink a certain amount of ale faster than the opposition.

The small horns present on either side of the screen indicate how many rounds of ale you and your opponent have to chug down in order to win.

The big horn beside them indicates the current progress in a round. Once the horn is empty (completely black), one of the small horns will turn white.

Time Your Gulps

The Drinking Challenge is essentially a rhythm game; you need to press X or A when the white circle is within the orange circle to drink the mead.

Timing and Speed

Each successful gulp speeds up the process, making the timing more difficult but also allowing you to drink faster than the opponent. Find the right rhythm and chain your combos to win!

Pressing the button at the wrong time causes you to spill your drink, resetting any momentum you've acquired so far.

Listen to the Cheers

Starting a drinking challenge gathers a crown of spectators that will cheer both you and your opponent on, and they're more than just background characters!

Listen to their cheers. They are a good audio indicator as to how fast or slow your current rhythm is.

Keep Your Balance

You or the opponent may teeter off balance as you both chug your way to victory. This event is signified beforehand by a quick and sharp sound.

Teetering off balance will reset your rhythm. Keep an ear out and move towards the opposite direction of where you're teetering towards to maintain your balance and momentum!

Drinking Game Rewards

Winning a drinking game doubles the silver you wagered at the start. This means that you can potentially earn 400 silver for each drinking challenge, making it an excellent source of silver — especially early on in the game.

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