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Minecraft Dungeons Online Multiplayer

Looking to play Minecraft Dungeons online with friends? Here you can find our guide on how do online multiplayer and the requirements for each console.

How to Play with Others
Local Co-op Online Multiplayer

How to Play Online

Host or Join an Online Game

Whether you're hosting or joining your friends game, getting into Online multiplay in Minecraft Dungeons is quite easy!

The buttons you need to press will vary from console to console, but all are clearly displayed on screen.

Starting an Online Game

Hosting Process
1 Select Online Game on the Menu screen.
Note: Use shoulder buttons (L, R) to switch between online and offline!
2 Once the menu shows up on the right, select "Start Online Game".
3 You'll be moved to Camp.
4 Wait for your friends to join. You can also send Invitations through the menu.
If a surprise visitor joins, you can kick them.
5 Select a Mission and agree to go.
Any player can invite others to their unlocked Missions, even if that player hasn't made it that far yet.

Joining an Online Game

Joining Process
1 Select Online Game on the Menu screen
Go to the Friends menu screen from Camp or the Dungeon you're in.
Note: Use R1 and L1 to switch between online and offline mode on the Menu screen!
2 Once the menu shows up on the right, find the session you want to join and click Join.
Pressing down on your controller will only select your friend's name, you need to move your selection to the right, until you see "Join" in the bottom right corner.
3 You'll be moved to their Camp.
4 Select a Mission and agree to go.
Any player can invite others to their unlocked Missions, even if that player hasn't made it that far yet.

Online Multiplayer - Features and Limitations

No Online Matchmaking

Unfortunately, there is no online matchmaking for this game - Mojang announced at Minecraft Dungeons was made to be played with friends.

While you can't find new friends through the game itself, you can find some over on our Friend Request board!

Go to the Friend Request Board

Online Subscriptions Needed

Depending on the console you're playing on, you'll need an online subscription to play online multiplayer.

The PC version, however, can be played online with no limitations!

Info on the Online subscriptions can be found further down this guide (click to jump!).

Loot for Everyone - Reserved Drops

Reserved Drop.png

When you play together, everyone will get loot reserved specifically to them. No nabbing shiny Unique weapons from your buddies, buddy!

No Trading or Dropping Items

Items can only be Equipped, Salvaged, Enchanted, or moved between your active equips and your inventory.

In short, there is no way to trade with other players.

Scaling Difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons - Multiplayer - Scaling difficulty 2.png

The difficulty will scale depending on the size of your party. You can see the suggested Team Power when you select Missions, so find that sweet spot between challenge and punishment together!

For all other confirmed features, check this guide:
List of Confirmed Features

Online Multiplayer for Consoles

Online Subscriptions Needed for Consoles

While you don't need anything to play online when you play Minecraft Dungeons on a PC, you need to have a subscription if you're playing on any other console.

Necessary Online Subscriptions
Xbox One ・Xbox Live Gold
・Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Playstation 4 ・PlayStation®Plus
Nintendo Switch ・Nintendo Switch Online

Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer

Crossplay isn't currently available for Minecraft Dungeons, but it will be added in a free update set to be released later.

You can read the details here:

Is Cross-Platform Multiplayer Possible?

Is PvP Available?

There is currently no PvP Mode announced for Minecraft Dungeons. All Multiplayer modes are cooperative and consist of working together on Story Missions, though it's possible that new play modes will be released together with the 2 DLC packs scheduled for Hero Edition players.

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