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Overgrown Temple banner.jpg

This is Game8's walkthrough of the Overgrown Temple Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
Dingy Jungle Overgrown Temple -

Basic Information

Overgrown Temple is a Normal Mission introduced in the Jungle Awakens DLC. Clear the previous mission, Dingy Jungle, to unlock it.

Weapon Drops

Axe ImageAxe Great Hammer ImageGreat Hammer Soul Bow ImageSoul Bow
Stormlander ImageStormlander Trickbow ImageTrickbow Hammer of Gravity ImageHammer of Gravity
The Green Menace ImageThe Green Menace Highland Axe ImageHighland Axe Nocturnal Bow ImageNocturnal Bow
Spear ImageSpear Whispering Spear ImageWhispering Spear The Pink Scoundrel ImageThe Pink Scoundrel

Armor Drops

Mercenary Armor ImageMercenary Armor Renegade Armor ImageRenegade Armor Thief Armor ImageThief Armor
Spider Armor ImageSpider Armor Shadow Walker ImageShadow Walker Ocelot Armor ImageOcelot Armor

Artifact Drops

Soul Healer ImageSoul Healer Wind Horn ImageWind Horn Corrupted Seeds ImageCorrupted Seeds

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default - - - 16 22 27 33
Adventure - - - 51 56 62 68
Apocalypse - - - 86 91 97 103

Mission Objectives

Search for the Temple

Search for the temple.jpg

Oh, so you have to look for the REAL temple this time. Okay. Fight your way through this jungle while following the markers.

The enemies here are the same as those in the previous mission so you may have already found out how to deal with them.

Open the Gate

Open the gate.jpg

Once you reach this area, activate the switches found on the sides of this room to open the gate ahead.

Explore the Temple

Explore the temple.jpg

Follow the objective markers through the temple. Keep on the lookout for suspicious areas that might be hiding chests!

Behold the Jewel

Behold the jewel.jpg

Interact with the jewel to destroy it and get yourself ambushed. It is recommended to go on any of the sides of the room and snipe them from there as they all spawn at the center.

Survive the Ambush

Survive the ambush.jpg

Clear all the enemy waves and move onward to the next area of the temple.

Go to the Temple's Center

Go to temple

Continue following the markers to the temple's center.

Unlock the Sun Gate

Unlock the Sun Gate.jpg

Find the gold golem key that unlocks the Sun Gate somewhere in this area.

Nope, it isn't in the statue in the center of the room. We'll talk about how to open that at the Tips & Strategies section below!

After finding the gold golem key at the other side of the chasm, activate the switches on both side to connect the bridge that will get you to it. Also, prepare for an ambush once you enter the rooms containing the switches.

Once you've picked up the golem key, take it to the Sun Gate to unlock it.

Reach the Sun Room

Reach the Sun Room.jpg

Two more gates will try to stop you and each sets up an ambush with tons of creepers so keep your guard up. After these two ambushes, prepare as much as you can for the biggest fight of this DLC.

Defeat the Jungle Abomination

Defeat the Jungle Abomination.jpg

The Jungle Abomination will appear at the center of the Sun Room. This boss is less dangerous than the Heart of Ender so you'll be fine.

Jungle mobs such as whisperers and leapers will also be spawned continuously, which are the only things that make this fight annoying.

Find a Way Out

Find a way out.jpg

Hooray! Pick up your loot from the Jungle Abomination and follow the markers until you reach the end of the temple.

Escape the Temple

Escape the temple.jpg

A horde of mobs awaits you at the end of the temple for a final battle. Fight your way through it and clear the mission!

Secret Locations

Double Chest Secret

Double Chest Secret.jpg
There is a secret that actually counts as two when found! While exploring the temple, you can find a long temple room that has another room at the end. To get to the room you will have to get through some mobs first, but the challenge is worth it. In the room at the end are 2 fancy chests together, what a find!

Sun Gate Pillar

Sun Gate secret.jpg

Although it looks like a secret area, this pillar at the center of the Sun Gate room is not counted as a secret. Underneath it is a maze that contains a lot of chests! Read on to the Tips & Strategies section to know how to unlock it!

Chest Locations

Trap Rooms

Trap room.jpg

Be careful on entering these rooms as it will trigger an ambush. The most dangerous among the spawned mobs are the creepers since this room is too small. Creepers may spawn right beside you which makes it more difficult to avoid the explosion.

Surviving the ambush rewards you with a chest.

Tips & Strategies

Unlocking the Sun Gate Pillar

Pillar unlocked.jpg

Okay, here we go, There are clues on the walls of the this area on how to move the pillar at the center and uncover a secret entrance.

All you need to do is make the two statues at the side face the center. You can rotate these statues by pushing the switch near them. Keep on rotating them until they face the center.

If you have trouble finding the statues' faces, just check on the golden plate at their bases and make it face the center.

Boss Strategy Guide

Jungle Abomination

Jungle Abomination Banner.jpg

Get Behind It

Its hammer slam attack is a slow attack that can hit a wide area in front of it. It is best try to get behind it when you see it raise its arm and attack from behind!

Take Out the Whisperers

The Whisperers are the mobs that can summon vine or even the Poison-Quill Vine to make things more difficult for you. It is best to take them out right away for some alone time with the Jungle Abomination!

Watch Out for the Tendrils

It also has a tendril attack that comes from the ground. It is a ranged attack that can affect multiple areas. When you see it put its tendril on the ground, start watching out for the spots it'll come out of!

How to Beat Jungle Abomination

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