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This is Game8's Discussion Board for Minecraft Dungeons. The Discussion Board is for discussing Minecraft Dungeons in general. Share your review of the game and theorize about the story and characters with other fans of the game!

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58 Anonymousabout 3 hoursReport

I guess my kids will be out and loud until midnight because of this new minecraft!

57 Anonymousabout 7 hoursReport

>>55 Yep. The game feels like an arcade dungeon crawler game because of that. I think it would be better if they made an actual, great, and deep story for the game.

56 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

>>50 oh ok, but would you consider it fun? it's nice that it's a game that you can pick up fairly quickly though

55 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

>>51 oh, that's pretty weird. that'll kinda take me out of the game then. wish it was continuous

54 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

>>52 I mean it's still a Minecraft game because of the branding and the lore. Same mobs, similar enemies, similar items etc,

53 Anonymousabout 8 hoursReport

>>52 HAHAHA. I can't fight logic like this lol. I mean you're not really wrong but you're not right also haha.

52 Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

How is this a Minecraft game? No mining nor crafting. Just some good dungeon crawling game.

51 Anonymousabout 9 hoursReport

I thought at first that this will be a continuous game. Turns out you will just select a mission, get on to a level and after that, you'll be back at mission selecting again.

50 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>49 there's a lot of things you need to think about at first but I think you'll get it after a couple of hours.

49 Anonymous1 dayReport

Has anyone gotten the game yet? How is it?

48 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>47 Maybe they could introduce new passive mobs too this way, in the same way that we've got new kinds of enemies

47 Anonymous1 dayReport

>>44 That'd be pretty cool, with each passive mob having its own special effect on your character.

46 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>34 Me neither but from what I've seen in gameplay trailers, the game looks right up my alley as a fan of other dungeon crawlers

45 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>32 Hopefully we don't see more parents treat their kids like that, and we get more parents like that other poster in the board

44 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>43 I wonder if pets are how passive mobs from classic Minecraft are gonna get included in Dungeons.

43 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>40 Maybe different pets can give your character different buffs? Like going off the other dude's post, maybe chickens can give you some sort of health regen or something

42 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>41 the other guy's either talking about that CaptainSparklez parody of Viva La Vida or the Jurassic World movie lol

41 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>37 What's Fallen Kingdom? Is that another video game or something? Or like a movie?

40 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>38 If it drops a chicken egg, I wonder if you can get multiple chickens following you haha. I hope they do something more than just follow you though

39 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>36 Oh no, that's the end of an era lol. I wonder if a tutorial in the game will have you breaking a tree as the first thing to do

38 Anonymous2 daysReport

>>35 It might drop a chicken egg that can be used to heal you lol. But I think it's just a pet that will follow you around. no special use or anything.

37 Anonymous6 daysReport

Is this some sort of a Fallen Kingdom reference or? nah?

36 Anonymous6 daysReport

Too much good stuff here! but trees ain't blocks is making me sad lmao

35 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>17 What does the pet can do? Can it also attack or just a companion you can see in the game?

34 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>31 Sad to say but I didn't get chosen. I also wanted to try it and see what the game can give me.

33 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>28 Make that you're bonding time. And this way you can also grow closer to each other.

32 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>29 He just made the whole universe his own enemy. HAHAHA. I feel bad for the kid.

31 Anonymous6 daysReport

Anyone here get to play the beta? I was wondering how the game compared to other dungeon crawlers

30 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>23 Oooooh, that's a cool way to put it. I'm even more excited now to buy this game!!

29 Anonymous6 daysReport

>>27 yikes that sounds like the worst parenting decision ever, his son's gonna resent that for a loooooong time

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    • >>[18]
      Hi! Thanks for your question!
      There's no limit to the Soul Gathering effect, so theoretically you could stack effects and gather enough souls to max out your meter all at once. The only limit is the Soul Meter at the bottom left of the screen, so you won't be able to get any more Souls than that. Hope this helps!

    • I guess my kids will be out and loud until midnight because of this new minecraft!

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