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Soggy Swamp Mission Walkthrough | Soggy Swamp Secrets

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This is Game8's walkthrough of the Soggy Swamp Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, its secrets, secret level location, rune location, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
Creeper Woods Soggy Swamp Pumpkin Pastures
Cacti Canyon
Redstone Mines
Unlockable Secret Mission
Soggy Cave

Basic Information

How to Unlock Soggy Swamp

Soggy Swamp is a Normal Mission which can be accessed by progressing normally through the game. Clear the previous Mission, Creeper Woods, to unlock it.

Weapon Drops

Daggers ImageDaggers
Double Axe ImageDouble Axe
Eternal Knife ImageEternal Knife
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Fangs of Frost ImageFangs of Frost
Glaive ImageGlaive
Grave Bane ImageGrave Bane
Harp Crossbow ImageHarp Crossbow
Hunting Bow ImageHunting Bow
Lightning Harp Crossbow ImageLightning Harp Crossbow
MasterMaster's Bow
Moon Daggers ImageMoon Daggers
Scatter Crossbow ImageScatter Crossbow
Soul Knife ImageSoul Knife
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Truthseeker ImageTruthseeker
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Venom Glaive ImageVenom Glaive
Whirlwind ImageWhirlwind

Armor Drops

Ember Robe ImageEmber Robe
Evocation Robe ImageEvocation Robe
Mystery Armor ImageMystery Armor
(Adventure, Apocalypse)

Artifact Drops

Fishing Rod ImageFishing Rod
Harvester ImageHarvester
Lightning Rod ImageLightning Rod
(Adventure, Apocalypse)
Soul Healer ImageSoul Healer
Totem of Regeneration ImageTotem of Regeneration

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default - 4 10 16 22 27 33
Adventure - 39 45 51 56 62 68
Apocalypse - 74 80 86 91 97 103

Gear and Artifact Power for Each Difficulty

Gear and Artifact Power
Default - 6-13 12-19 18-25 18-27 18-29
Adventure - 18-32 18-34 18-36 18-37 18-39
Apocalypse - 65-75 65-77 65-79 65-80 65-82

Note: These are base values and will increase based on highest Power reached.

Mission Objectives

Find the Brew

Soggy Swamp Find the Brews
Follow the markers to find the brews!

Destroy the Brews

Soggy Swamp Destroy Brews
There are 5 brews you will have to destroy. Find them and smash them into pieces!

Find the Cauldron

Soggy Swamp Find the Cauldron
Follow the markers to find the Cauldron. You will have to enter a creepy cave and face the Enderman so watch out for him!

Smash the Cauldron

Soggy Swamp Cauldron
Once you found the Cauldron, you will have to face it in combat. Smash it to pieces with your attacks!

Escape the Swamp

Soggy Swamp Escape the Swamp
Find the exit and leave the swamp to finish the mission!

Tips & Strategies

Watch out for the Purple Clouds

Soggy Swamp Purple Clouds
Watch out for the purple clouds that appear when a Witch attacks. Standing in the clouds for too long can deal a lot of damage to you!

Secret Level

Soggy Cave

Soggy Swamp Sogggy Cave Secret Entrance.jpg
There is a chance to unlock the Soggy Cave in one of your mission runs. At the start of the mission it is best to check on your map if there is 0/1 secrets if you have not unlock the runes yet.

If you finished the game, it will need to be 0/2 to be sure the secret has spawned. After going through the cave you can find an entrance to another cave somewhere in the south. Inside you will need to activate a beacon and defeats some mobs before finding a map and unlocking Soggy Cave!

How to Unlock Soggy Cave Secret Mission

Rune Location

Soggy Swamp Rune

Soggy Swamp Rune Location
At the end of the mission you before leaving the mission with the objective "Escape the Swamp;, you can find a switch to the right of the exit. Pressing it will open a secret passage with the Rune inside.

Note: The secret switches to find the Runes only appear after finding the Church after beating the game the first time.

All Rune Locations

Boss Strategy Guide


Soggy Swamp Enderman

Try and get Behind Him

The Enderman can only attack in front of him. Try and get to its back or its side when it appears and attack!
How to Beat Enderman

Corrupted Cauldron

Soggy Swamp Cauldron Fight

Use your Arrows When Flames Appear

Do not try to use your melee attacks against the Cauldron when it has flames around it. Instead, shoot it with your arrows from afar!
How to Beat Corrupted Cauldron

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Nah. Just restart it if it didn't spawn. That's what I did and I got the secret area.


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