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Nether Portal Banner
A Nether Portal is accessible from the Camp after finishing the Story Mode. Learn how to find the Nether Portal, if the Nether Portal can be opened, and what is waiting for the player there.

How to Unlock the Nether Portal

Beat the Game

Default Game Cleared

To unlock the path that goes to the Nether Portal, you first need to beat the Obsidian Pinnacle Mission on Default.

Where to Find the Nether Portal

Use the Jump Pads

MC Dungeons - Church - Jump pads.png

After beating Archie and the true final boss, the Heart of Ender, jump pads will appear to the right of the cottage in Camp.

Jump twice and you'll be on the other side of the canyon, heading in the right direction.

Stay on the Path to the Nether Portal

Path to the Nether Portal

Instead of turning west through the trees to head to the Church, stay on the path heading south-east.

Arrive at the Nether Portal

The Nether Portal in Camp
Not far from where the path splits into two, a not-yet-shiny Nether Portal awaits you.

Open the Chest with 50 Emeralds

Chest by the Nether Portal

The only thing you can get when you first find the Nether Portal is a chest with 50 Emeralds.

How to Use the Nether Portal

The Nether Awaits You

The Nether Portal in Camp
... But it's not accessible in Minecraft Dungeons at this point, unfortunately.

Might be used in Future Updates

With two planned DLCs announced as part of the Hero Edition, and another DLC known as Island Realms, it's possible that the Nether Portal will open at a later time through updates to the game. We certainly hope so!

Continue Past the Nether Portal for an Obsidian Chest

Hill chest.jpg

Walk past the Nether Portal and you will see some trees. Behind the tree in the middle is a hidden path that you can use to climb the hill north.

You will need to roll halfway through the peak to get to the other side and continue climbing up.

Once at the top, an obsidian chest will appear which contains some emeralds and a random gear. Sweet!

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