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Welcome to Game8's wiki and walkthrough guide for Minecraft Dungeons, the new co-op adventure from the Minecraft universe! Join us on your journey to take down the Arch-Illager and learn the ropes of the game, with detailed information on all available Weapons, Armor, Enchantments, and more!

Minecraft Dungeons News

Minecraft Dungeons is Out Now!


Minecraft Dungeons is now available for download on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Check our complete guide for information how to purchase and download the game from console's store!

How to Download | Game File Size

Island Realms DLC Announced!

Island Realms Zoom.png

Minecraft Dungeons includes a hint within the game for an upcoming DLC known as Island Realms. Learn more about what we know so far and all the DLC announced for Minecraft Dungeons!

All Minecraft Dungeons DLC | Island Realms Release Date

How Much Does Minecraft Dungeons Cost? Is it Free?


Sorry, Emeralds are not an accepted currency.

The game is available in the both the Standard Edition for $19.99, and the Hero Edition for $29.99.

Sadly, the game is not available for free, even to players of the original Minecraft. However, players who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass are able to play Minecraft Dungeons as part of their subscription.

Price of Each Version

What is Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition?


In the Hero Edition, players gain access to two DLC packs, though these are not yet available to players. Players with the Hero Edition will gain access to each of these DLC packs when they are released, though no release date has been established currently.

Although the DLC is not included in Xbox Game Pass, the official FAQ notes that they will be available to Xbox Game Pass players for 10% off retail price.

Minecraft Dungeons is also stated to have many free updates planned for the game in addition to the DLC included with Hero Pass.

All About Hero Edition and the DLC

Minecraft Dungeons Weapons


Minecraft Dungeons has been shown to include a variety of both melee and ranged weapons, from hammers that shake the ground to bows that shoot flaming arrows.

Players will have both a melee and a ranged weapon equipped at all times, so skillful players will have to switch between their weapons effectively to take down foes.

List of Weapons

Minecraft Dungeons Armor


In lieu of a class system, Minecraft Dungeons sports a variety of armor which can transform your player from a tank, to a fast attacker, to a spellcaster.

List of Armor

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments


Players can attach Enchantments to their Weapons and Armor to power them up with added effects. With a variety of Enchantments available for all types of Weapons and Armor, a whole new world of versatility opens up with new ways to best your foes!

List of Enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons New Features


Minecraft Dungeons is a totally new game separate from Minecraft, and it comes with its own assortment of exciting features to get fans of both vanilla Minecraft and dungeon crawler games excited. Learn about each unique feature in the game here!

New Features

Minecraft Dungeons Bosses


Minecraft Dungeons has no shortage of Bosses to thwart your progress through the story. Learn how to tackle each Boss, from Illager minions like the Evoker to the Arch-Illager himself!

Boss Fight Guide & List of All Bosses

Minecraft Dungeons Enemies


Minecraft Dungeons has already been shown to feature plenty of enemies from the Minecraft series, with both mainstays like the Zombie and Creeper, as well as powerful Enchanted forms of each. See who's who in the grunt hierarchy!

List of Enemies

Minecraft Dungeons Characters


Though the game's playable characters have been shown to be fully customizable, there are a few characters appearing in the game which the players can interact with. One of the key members of the adventure is the Key Golem shown above, who is used to open doors and tries to escape from the party every time he is captured.

List of Characters

Minecraft Dungeons Items


In addition to weapons and armor, players can use a variety of Items on their journey, with both consumable items used to damage enemies or cause a beneficial effect, and Artifacts, reusable items that have special effects that can help you and your team.

List of Items

Minecraft Dungeons Tips & Strategies


Everything you need to know to play like a pro – Game8's Tips & Strategies guides for Minecraft Dungeons have it all! Learn how to fight, collect the best equipment to use in battle, and more.

Tips & Strategies

Minecraft Dungeons Game Mechanics


Learn the ins and outs of Minecraft Dungeons and how the game works. Our Game Mechanics guides have all the details you need about stats, finding loot, and more.

Game Mechanics

Minecraft Dungeons Trophies (Achievements)


For adventurers who want to go above and beyond, there are 25 Trophies to collect to test your mettle in completing the game to the fullest.

List of Trophies (Achievements)

Minecraft Dungeons Message Boards


Visit our Friend Request Board to find a new team to play online with, and strike out together on an adventure!

Friend Request Board

About Minecraft Dungeons

Game Information

Game Title Minecraft Dungeons
Release Date May 26th, 2020 (Worldwide)
Available Platforms Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4
Genre Dungeon Crawler
Rating E10+ (ESRB)
Price Essentials (base game): $19.99
Hero Edition (base game + DLC x2): $29.99
No. of Players 1-4 (online or couch co-op)
Developer Mojang
Official Site Minecraft Dungeons Official Site

Dungeon Crawler based in the world of Minecraft


While set in the Minecraft universe, Minecraft Dungeons is a completely new game with a different focus than vanilla Minecraft. Classified by its creators as a dungeon crawler, players will navigate through dungeons filled with tiles (pre-constructed areas) which are randomly mapped together to create sprawling environments.

Although the locations of some areas are consistent, each level as a whole will be different every time it's played, making a brand new experience each time a brave team challenges it.

A story-driven adventure


Unlike traditional Minecraft, which dropped players into the world without any kind of story or goals, Minecraft Dungeons has a set Story, with Quests for players to complete along the way.

Our heroes will be journeying to take down the Arch-Illager, a villain whose Cube grants him absolute power, which he has used to conquer the world of Minecraft.

A multiplayer adventure for online or couch co-op.


Minecraft Dungeons emphasizes multiplayer gaming, with options to complete the story with up to four other players, either online or together in the same room (couch co-op).

The directors have said that they particular want to emphasize couch co-op so that players can communicate and decide what to do and where to explore next through discussion. We're excited to see how the possibilities for multiplayer gaming are realized in the final game!

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