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Fiery Forge Banner.jpg
This is Game8's walkthrough of the Fiery Forge Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
Redstone Mines Fiery Forge Highblock Halls

Basic Information

How to Unlock Fiery Forge

Fiery Forge is a Normal Mission which can be accessed by progressing normally through the game. Clear the previous Mission, Redstone Mines, to unlock it.

Weapon Drops

Cutlass ImageCutlass Great Hammer ImageGreat Hammer Power Bow ImagePower Bow
Stormlander ImageStormlander Nameless Blade ImageNameless Blade Elite Power Bow ImageElite Power Bow
Hammer of Gravity ImageHammer of Gravity Exploding Crossbow ImageExploding Crossbow Sabrewing ImageSabrewing
Firebolt Thrower ImageFirebolt Thrower

Armor Drops

Highland Armor ImageHighland Armor Mercenary Armor ImageMercenary Armor Plate Armor ImagePlate Armor
Renegade Armor ImageRenegade Armor Scale Mail ImageScale Mail Reinforced Mail ImageReinforced Mail
Full Metal Armor ImageFull Metal Armor Dark Armor ImageDark Armor TitanTitan's Shroud

Artifact Drops

Flaming Quiver ImageFlaming Quiver Soul Healer ImageSoul Healer Totem of Regeneration ImageTotem of Regeneration
Iron Hide Amulet ImageIron Hide Amulet

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default - 4 10 16 22 27 33
Adventure - 39 45 51 56 62 68
Apocalypse - 74 80 86 91 97 103

Gear and Artifact Power for Each Difficulty

Gear and Artifact Power
Default - 6-13 12-19 18-25 18-27 18-29
Adventure - 18-32 18-34 18-36 18-37 18-39
Apocalypse - 65-75 65-77 65-79 65-80 65-82

Note: These are base values and will increase based on highest Power reached.

Mission Objectives

Enter the Forge

Fiery Forge Enter the Forge.jpg
Follow the markers and enter the forge.

Find the Forge Cores

Fiery Forge Find the Cores
Find the cores located in the forge.

Overload the Cores

Fiery Forge Overload the Cores
Find the 8 Cores and activate them to overload them. Watch out, they will explode after being overloaded!

Escape the Forge

Fiery Forge Escape the Forge
Follow the markers to the way out of the forge.

Defeat the Monstrosity

Fiery Forge Fighting the Redstone Monstrosity.jpg
The only thing stopping you from leaving the forge is the Redstone Monstrosity. Defeat it and escape the forge!

Use the Mining Lift

Fiery Forge Use the Mining Lift
Use the mining lift to escape and complete the mission!

Rune Location

Fiery Forge Rune

Fiery Forge Rune Location
After entering the forge and finding a inactive Redstone Golem at the top of the staris head down the stairs to the wall to the left. You will find a switch that will open a secret room. Inside the room you will find the Fiery Forge Rune.

Note: The secret switches to find the Runes only appear after finding the Church after beating the game the first time.

All Rune Locations

Secret Locations

Outside the Forge

Fiery Forge Secret
Right next to the entrance to the forge is a pathway you can walk through, Just getting close will spawn a chest for you to loot.

Activating Pillars Inside the Rooms

Secret Chest in Room.jpg
In the area where you have to overload the cores you can encounter rooms you can enter. In those rooms you can find pillars that activate when you get near them and will spawn mobs you have to defeat. After defeating all the mobs a chest will appear for you to loot!

Activating the Pillars on the Bridges

Secret From Pillar on Bridge.jpg
There are other pillars you can activate on bridges in the area where you overload the cores. They will also spawn mobs for you to defeat before a chest can appear.

Tips & Strategies

Stay out of the Lava

Fiery Forge Lava.jpg
The lavas can deal a lot of damage to you if you are not careful. Stay away from it, but if you do have to walk through it, make sure you have a potion available to heal with.

Use the Explosive Cores to Your Advantage

Fiery Forge Overload the Cores.jpg
The overloaded core explode dealing a lot of damage to you. But you can also use that to your advantage and lead enemies into the explosions!

Boss Strategy Guide

Redstone Golem

Fiery Forge Redstone Golem

Keep your Distance and attack

Using a hit and run tactic with your bows is a good idea. There is not a lot of space and it will be tough to run away when the Golem gets to close. So pelt them with arrows and then run for it!
How to Beat Redstone Golem

Redstone Monstrosity

Fiery Forge Redstone Monstrosity.jpg

Use the Cores Against the Monstrosity

Overload the cores found in the fight and lead the Monstrosity to it. The cores will explode dealing damage to him. You can also use the cores to destory the blocks the Monstrosity sends towards you.

How to Beat Redstone Monstrosity

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