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This is a guide to the best Enchantments available early in the game in Minecraft Dungeons. Learn what Enchantments are best to use for Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons and Armor!

Best Melee Weapon Enchantments for Early Game



An enchantment useful across a range of builds, Weakening will help reduce the damage you take from oncoming hordes of enemies. When you attack, Weakening will kick in and reduce the damage dealt by all nearby enemies, making it essential for cutting through the onslaught without getting knocked senseless.

Weakening Effects by Tier

Anima Conduit

Anima Conduit.png

An enchantment which allows you to heal simply for defeating enemies. Each time you defeat an enemy, you'll get a Soul, which will restore part of your health, and can also be used with a variety of Artifacts like the Soul Healer and Torment Quiver. Combo this Enchantment with weapons with increased Soul Gathering like the Soul Knife to maximize its effectiveness.

Anima Conduit Effects by Tier

Best Ranged Weapon Enchantments for Early Game



When combined with a weapon with Strong Charged Shots like the Longbow, Supercharge can take its strongest characteristics to the next level. With a whopping 20% damage boost, your already-overloaded charged shots will deal even more damage, helping take down heavier foes like bosses.

Supercharge Effects by Tier



If you can start firing arrows before having to go toe-to-toe with a strong enemy, you probably should – that's why the more arrows you have, the better! Consider combining this with Quiver Artifacts like the Flaming Quiver and Torment Quiver to boost the number of special arrows you get each time you use them.

Infinity Effects by Tier

Best Armor Enchantments for Early Game

Health Synergy


Health Synergy is great for its flexbility in a variety of different builds. As long as you use Artifacts frequently, like any good build should, you'll receive continuous health boosts for no extra effort. Combine with Artifacts with short cooldown periods, like Boots of Swiftness, to up its frequency even more!

Health Synergy Effects by Tier

Fire Trail


Fire Trail transforms your humble dodge roll into a fearsome attack. This Enchantment combos well with Electrified, which also adds a damaging element to your roll, but Fire Trail has more maneuverability – you can make a wall of flames to deal damage to multiple foes, or roll backwards in a line to hit an enemy chasing you for continuous damage.

With the dodge roll's fast recharge, having Fire Trail on your hands feels like a third main attack along with your Melee and Ranged weapon, and just as formidable as either.

Fire Trail Effects by Tier

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7 Anonymous11 months

I can't say if the fire trail is worth it. I mean, the enemies don't go near the fire so you can't damage them as much using the fire trail.

6 Anonymous11 months

>>3 Yeah, that's what I do. I also take electrified so that I can deal more damage when dodging.

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