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Enchantments are effects that can increase the effectiveness of your equipment. But what are Powerful Enchantments? What makes them different from the Enchantments you have been using? Read on to find out what are Powerful Enchantments, their differences, and how to get them!

What are Powerful Enchantments?

Rarer Enchantments With Powerful Effects

Protection (2).jpg
As the name implies, Powerful Enchantments are Enchantments that are powerful. These are rarer Enchantments that have much more impactful effects than the normal Enchantments that you get in Default difficulty. It is recommended to enchant your equipment with Powerful Enchantments to help you to overcome the challenges in the higher difficulties!

List of Powerful Enchantments

Melee Weapon Enchantents

Name Effect Tier
Critical Hit ImageCritical Hit Gives you a chance to inflict critical hits dealing triple damage. S Rank Icon
Exploding ImageExploding Mobs explode after they are defeated. B Rank Icon
Gravity ImageGravity This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point. S Rank Icon
Radiance ImageRadiance Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it. S Rank Icon
Shockwave ImageShockwave The last attack in a combo launches a shockwave, damaging enemies. A Rank Icon
Swirling ImageSwirling The last attack in a combo performs a swirling attack, damaging nearby enemies. A Rank Icon

Ranged Weapon Enchantents

Name Effect Tier
Chain Reaction ImageChain Reaction Has a chance to fire five arrows in all directions on impact. A Rank Icon
Gravity ImageGravity This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point. S Rank Icon
Tempo Theft ImageTempo Theft Steals a small amount of a mob's movement speed and gives it to you for four seconds. B Rank Icon

Armor Enchantents

Name Effect Tier
Chilling ImageChilling Emits a blast every two seconds that reduces the movement and attack speed of nearby enemies for one second. S Rank Icon
Final Shout ImageFinal Shout When your health drops below 25%, all your artifacts are used (ignoring cooldown periods). A Rank Icon
Gravity Pulse ImageGravity Pulse A blast occurs every five seconds that pulls nearby enemies towards you. C Rank Icon
Protection ImageProtection Reduces damage taken. S Rank Icon

List of Enchantments

What are the Differences Between Enchantments and Powerful Enchantments

Indicated if Powerful Enchanted Above the Name

Critical Hit (1).png
If you are wondering if an Enchantment is powerful, then you can check the Enchantment menu of the Enchantment in question. If it is Powerful, you will see the word POWERFUL above the Enchantments name.

Needs 2 Initial Enchantment Points

Gravity (1).png
Instead of the usual 1 initial Enchantment point then plus 1 more per tier with 6 in total, you will have to invest with 2 points then plus 1 more each tier with 9 in total. It is going to be more expensive enchanting your equipment with Powerful Enchantments, but with their amazing effects, it is worth investing in!

Tiers Normal Enchantment Points Per Tier Powerful Enchantment Points Per Tier
I 1 2
II 2 3
III 3 4

How to Get Powerful Enchantments

Equipment From the Blacksmith After Completing the Story

Equipment Blacksmith Chance.jpg
After completing the main missions on Default mode the first time, buying equipment from the Blacksmith has a chance of having Powerful Enchantments on them! You will need these Enchantments if you are going to face the challenges of Adventure mode!
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Obtain Equipment in Adventure or Apocalypse Mode

Dropped Weapon.jpg
The other way of obtaining equipment with Powerful Enchantments is by playing the missions on Adventure and Apocalypse mode after they are unlocked. Any equipment you obtain in missions on those difficulty modes has a chance of having Powerful Enchantments!
Difficulty Modes

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