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This page contains Boss Battle strategies and data for the game Minecraft Dungeons. To find out how to beat every Boss, along with complete strategy guides and lists of attacks for each Boss, check our guides below.

Who are the Bosses?

The Bosses appearing in the game are underlings of the Arch-Illager, including Illagers and their ilk, giant monsters, and even objects enchanted by the Arch-Illager like the Corrupted Cauldron.

Unlike other games, Bosses don't always appear at the end of a Mission, so always be on your toes for a Boss fight, and keep a steady supply of arrows and your Health Potion at the ready!

All Boss Fight Guides

Enderman ImageEnderman Jungle Abomination ImageJungle Abomination Evoker ImageEvoker
Corrupted Cauldron ImageCorrupted Cauldron Redstone Golem ImageRedstone Golem Nameless One ImageNameless One
Redstone Monstrosity ImageRedstone Monstrosity Arch-Illager ImageArch-Illager Heart of Ender ImageHeart of Ender
Mooshroom Monstrosity ImageMooshroom Monstrosity

List of Bosses


Ranged attack.jpg

Enderman is the first boss that you will encounter in the story and are also fought as sub-bosses in other missions. These engimatic creatures teleport when threatened and appear out of nowhere before attacking.

How to Beat Enderman

Corrupted Cauldron

Corrupted Cauldron.jpg

The Corrupted Cauldron is an object enchanted by the Arch-Illager. It has been given conscience and can now produce slimes out of its brew by itself.

How to Beat Corrupted Cauldron



Evokers can summon flying familiars to fight for them or take out players themselves by conjuring traps.

How to Beat Evoker

Redstone Golem


A Redstone Golem is first fought at Redstone Mines. They can scatter mines around the field and pulverize players with its arms.

How to Beat Redstone Golem

Nameless One

Nameless One.jpg

Awakened from its slumber, the Nameless One will not give up his staff without getting through him and his guards!

How to Beat Nameless One

Redstone Monstrosity

Redstone blocks.jpg

Similar to the Redstone Golems, but improved in every way. The Redstone Monstrosity is fought at the Fiery Forge. Watch out for its ground slams and redstone blocks!

How to Beat Redstone Monstrosity



Arch-Illager, the main antagonist, is confronted at the top of Obsidian Pinnacle. End his madness by defeating him and his minions in this showdown!

How to Beat The Arch-Illager

Heart of Ender

Four lasers.jpg

The Heart of Ender appears when you think that it is all over at the Obsidian Pinnacle. Defeating it will not be easy so prepare as much as you can before this final battle!

How to Beat Heart of Ender

Mooshroom Monstrosity


The protector of the Secret Cow Level, the Mooshroom Monstrosity flips the game from a dungeon crawler to a bullet hell in the eleventh hour. Don't get caught unaware!

How to Beat Mooshroom Monstrosity

Jungle Abomination

Jungle Abomination Banner.jpg

The Jungle Abomination, fought at the end of Overgrown Temple, is a giant Golem that summons mobs and tries to squish you with its fist or stab you with its tendrils.

How to Beat Jungle Abomination

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