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This is a guide to the Hero Edition version of Minecraft Dungeons, everything included in the Hero Edition, and the two DLC packs included. Read on to learn what the differences are between the Hero Edition and the Standard Edition are and what we know about the DLC included.

What is the Hero Edition?


Minecraft Dungeons is available in two editions: the Standard Edition, and the Hero Edition.

Version Price Contents
Standard Edition $19.99
  • Base Game
Hero Edition $29.99
  • Base Game
  • Two DLC packs
  • In-game Items (Hero Cape, Player Skins x2, Chicken Pet)

As the in-game items included are purely cosmetic, the primary draw to purchasing the Hero Edition seems to be the two DLC packs included. Read on for more information about the included DLC.

Official Description

“Fight your way through an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe! Up to four friends can play together, or you can brave the dungeons alone. Includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet. It also includes two DLC packs, when they become available.”

What is the Minecraft Dungeons DLC Included?

In the Hero Edition, players will gain access to two DLC packs, though these will not be available immediately upon release. Players with the Hero Edition will gain access to each of these DLC packs when they are released, though no release date has been established currently.

So far, no concrete information is available for the contents of the DLC. We'll have to wait and see how much content will be included!

Are the Island Realms included in the DLC?

Island Realms.png

A mysterious area to the side of the Mission Map screen, labeled as Island Realms, is listed as Coming Soon. Could this be one of the DLCs included in the Hero Edition?

Upon clicking on the icon, the note indicates that “the islands map and two brand new adventures will be available for purchase soon”, which seems to imply that the Island Realms will be available as a separate purchase, with the other ‘two adventures’ described likely being the two DLC packs included in the Hero Edition.

Is the DLC included in Xbox Game Pass?

Players with Xbox Game Pass will be able to play the Standard Edition of the game as part of their subscription. As such, the DLC included in the Hero Edition will not be included in Xbox Game Pass.

In order to purchase the Hero Edition content separately, you can purchase a Hero Pass from the Microsoft Store at the link below.

▶︎Purchase the Hero Pass upgrade (game sold separately)

Is the DLC Exclusive to Hero Edition?

Currently, no information is available in regards to the price of the DLC. However, based on the presence of a discount offered to Xbox Game Pass users, we can infer that the Minecraft Dungeons DLC will be available for purchase in the future. Check back for further details as more information is released about the Minecraft Dungeons DLC.

What are the Other Items Included?

The other items included with the Hero Edition include the Hero Cape, two Player Skins, and a Chicken Pet.

Hero Cape

The Hero Cape is included under a special Cosmetic section of the Items menu, so unlike Armors, it has no effect on your stats. However, it's great for flaunting to other players online and making all of your outfits that much more heroic!

Player Skins

As the characters' appearances are fully customizable, these skins will most likely provide some unique appearance choice unique to owners of the Hero Edition.

Chicken Pet (Baby Chicken)

The Baby Chicken, a classic mainstay of Minecraft, will be available to players as a Pet. Unlike other Pets. the Chicken seems to be purely cosmetic, and does not actually assist you in defeating enemies.

List of Artifacts

How to Use the Hero Cape and Chicken Pet

The Hero Cape and Chicken Pet are not in an immediately apparent location, so many players have had questions about how to access them after purchasing the Hero Edition.

To use these items, open the Inventory screen and navigate to the far right option to access the Cosmetic items. Here, the Hero Cape and Baby Chicken pet will be available to add flair to your character.

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