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This is a guide for the best builds in Minecraft Dungeons. Read on to know more about the different gear setups that you can use depending on your needs!

Best Builds

Note: All of the gear listed below have unique rarity. If you don't have them yet, you can use other gear in the meantime, as long as you choose the same or as close to the enchantments listed below!

How to Farm Unique Weapons & Armors

Tank Build

Melee Armor Ranged
Hammer of Gravity ImageHammer of Gravity Renegade Armor ImageRenegade Armor Guardian Bow ImageGuardian Bow
Chain Reaction
Gong of Weakening ImageGong of Weakening Iron Hide Amulet ImageIron Hide Amulet Boots of Swiftness ImageBoots of Swiftness

Tank Build - Summary

This build maximizes the survivability of your character while still having a decent damage output so you will be more of an "offensive tank".

Tank Build - Melee Weapon

If you do not have the Hammer of Gravity yet, you can switch to any weapon with a large area of effect like other hammers or glaives for the meantime as long as it has the Radiance enchantment.

Tank Build - Armor

Same goes with armor, as long as the armor you use has Snowball.

Tank Build - Ranged Weapon

You can actually use any ranged weapon of your choice since you will be mostly a vanguard to "tank" mobs. The Guardian Bow still works best when fully charged (which makes you vulnerable for a short time) especially against bosses.

Tank Build - Artifacts

Use Gong of Weakening against strong mobs especially bosses and Iron Hide Amulet when you plan to mow through the mobs.

Attacker Build

Melee Armor Ranged
FighterFighter's Bindings Spider Armor ImageSpider Armor Slayer Crossbow ImageSlayer Crossbow
Critical Hit
Gravity Pulse
Rapid Fire
Chain Reaction
Gong of Weakening ImageGong of Weakening Love Medallion ImageLove Medallion Boots of Swiftness ImageBoots of Swiftness

Attacker Build - Summary

This build maximizes the damage output especially in melee combat while still providing survivability boost so you don't get squished while fighting.

Attacker Build - Melee Weapon

The most important enchantments for the weapon are Radiance and Critical Hit since knives or sickles have high attack speed, which means you get more chances of triggering these useful effects.

Attacker Build - Armor

Again, Snowball enchantment is the core for armor. Gravity Pulse supplements the lack of range of your melee weapon.

Attacker Build - Ranged Weapon

For bosses that deal heavy damage with close-ranged attacks like Redstone Monstrosity, use your ranged weapon. Slayer Crossbow is ideal as it deals high damage to a single target rather than lower damage to multiple mobs. Chain Reaction is used together with its innate Ricochet effect to make it viable against crowds.

Attacker Build - Artifacts

Use Gong of Weakeningagainst strong mobs especially bosses before smashing the attack button like a madman and Love Medallion to have some mobs fight for you when you are being surrounded.

Soul Build

Melee Armor Ranged
JailorJailor's Scythe Wither Armor ImageWither Armor Feral Soul Crossbow ImageFeral Soul Crossbow
Soul Siphon
Enigma Resonator
Chain Reaction
Gong of Weakening ImageGong of Weakening Soul Healer ImageSoul Healer Corrupted Beacon ImageCorrupted Beacon

Soul Build - Summary

This build maximizes the effectiveness of souls with gear and artifacts that make use of them.

Soul Build - Melee Weapon

The Soul Siphon enchantment on the Jailor's Scythe gives you the chance to obtain lots of souls by just hitting enemies, and its Enigma Resonator becomes very useful once you've collected a handful of souls!

Since this weapon has a large area of effect, you can take down large groups of monsters with ease.

Soul Build - Armor

Use Snowball + Chilling to help you against crowds, especially hordes of ranged mobs.

Soul Build - Ranged Weapon

The Feral Soul Crossbow has an innate Enigma Resonator enchantment, so you only need to raise its damage output more by choosing the Power and Chain Reaction enchantments. Infinity is for this weapon's low ammo.

Soul Build - Artifacts

Soul Healer becomes your source of healing when your Potion is still on cooldown. Use the Gong of Weakening before unleashing the Corrupted Beacon to wipe out a horde of mobs and even bosses real quick.

To learn everything about the Souls mechanic and how to gather them from mobs, check out our full article below!

Soul Gathering | How Do Souls Work?

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