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Minecraft Dungeons is a totally new game separate from Minecraft, and it comes with its own assortment of exciting features to get fans of both vanilla Minecraft and dungeon crawler games excited. Learn about each new feature confirmed to appear in the game here!

List of Confirmed Features

No Classes or Abilities


Although your character's appearance is customizable, their other properties are totally dependent on their Equipment.

The developers have stated numerous times there there will be no Class or Ability system in Minecraft Dungeons. This means that the Weapons and Armor you choose for your character, along with the Enchantments on each of these, will play a much greater role than in other games.

This has the advantage of granting high flexibility to players, who can switch their play style easily by simply changing the Weapon or Armor they have equipped.

Encourages Players of Different Levels to Adventure Together

Even if they wouldn't be able to make it through on their own, low-level players can adventure together with higher-level players in later areas of the game to obtain high-level Weapons and Armor, which will allow a low-level character to become powerful without need for excessive level grinding.

Leveling Up Doesn't Make Your Character Stronger


Leveling up will allow you to power up the Enchantments on your Weapons and Armor.

Similar to the lack of Classes and Abilities, your character also has no inherent Stats. When your character levels up, they don't gain any stat boosts, but instead only gain a single Enchantment Point. This will allow you to power up an Enchantment attached to one of your Weapons or Armor.

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Night Falls when your Teammates Die


Although it might be tempting to let your teammates die and continue on your merry way, the path ahead won't be so easy. When your teammates die, night will begin to fall on the world of Minecraft! As in the original game, this will lead to the familiar Creepers, as well as other monsters like zombies and spiders appearing.

When you revive your teammates, the sun will come back out, so be sure to bring them back as soon as possible to avoid the creepy crawlies of the dark!

Reserved Drops for Each Player

Reserved Drop.png

Many multiplayer games encourage players to hoard loot for themselves in a free-for-all, but Minecraft Dungeons has engineered a system to avoid item hogs. When weapons or armor drop, players will be assigned Reserved Drops to ensure that other players can't grab loot that's not rightfully theirs.

For common items like Consumables, drops will not be reserved, but for more significant treasure, this system ensures that players get their fair share.

Auras Allow Players to Share Boosts


Gathering near players with Armor which grants certain boosts will allow other players to share those boosts. There are three types of auras – red, blue and purple – each of which grants a distinctive boost.

This feature allows players of lower levels to play together in harder areas with higher-level players, allowing easy entry into cooperative play without need for excessive level grinding.

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Anyone Can Revive Fallen Players


When one of your teammates dies, you can revive them by simply holding a button next to them for a set period of time. Unlike other dungeon crawlers which are heavy on resource management, Minecraft Dungeons encourages fast action by allowing fallen players to quickly come back into the fray.

Continue from the Same Location on Defeat


Even if your entire team is defeated at the same time, with no member left to Revive the others, play will continue after only a few seconds from the same location. The developers have stated that they don't want to punish defeat, so it seems that players can feel confident to get in above their heads and try higher-level areas to find powerful Weapons and Armor, without needing to worry about harsh penalties for failing.

After the party suffers defeat three times, they will be sent back to camp. However, even if you're defeated, equipment and Emeralds found during the level will remain, so players can get back out there and try, try again!

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Are there any level requirements for armor or a weapon to be equipped?

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