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Minecraft Dungeons features a number of enemies, known as Mobs in the Minecraft series, both from the original game, as well as a host of new threats summoned by the Arch-Illager. Learn about all the types of big and small baddies you'll be encountering on your adventure!

List of Enemies (Mobs)

Friendly Faces


These mobs won't being doing much mobbing – instead, they tend to prefer standing around or running somewhere safer. However, you will receive loot for defeating them, as well as the Passive Aggressive trophy for slaying 50 of them, so it's best to put your sentimentality aside.

Name Attack Style Description
Cow - Stands around mooing.
Key Golem - Melee it to pick it up. Once you get hit, it will escape and run back to its starting position. Can't be killed.
Piggy Bank - Runs away from the player. Attack it to get emeralds and usually a piece of equipment.
Sheep - Stands around baa-ing.

Familiar Foes


These mobs are returning in full force from the original Minecraft. With a wider range of weapons at your disposal, you'll get more satisfaction than ever of making quick work of them. These mobs can be powerful, but are generally less threatening than Illagers.

Name Attack Style Description
Baby Zombie Melee Runs up quickly in a group and swarms a target.
Chicken Jockey Melee A Baby Zombie on a Chicken. Moves up quickly to annoy the target.
Chicken Jockey Tower Melee A tower of Baby Zombies on top of a Chicken. When shot with a bow, the tower will tumble down, and the Baby Zombies will attack individually.
Creeper Melee Approaches the target, flickers, and explodes, dealing huge damage to the area.
Husk Melee Slow like the zombie, but with more health and dealing more damage.
Skeleton Ranged Fires arrows at the target.
Spider Ranged Launches webs which temporarily prevent the target from moving.
Zombie Melee Slow-moving enemy that approaches the target to attack.



The direct command of the Arch-Illager, the Illagers are responsible for most of the Villagers' suffering throughout the areas of the game. These mobs have a wide range of special powers, so be sure to take out dangerous Illagers like the Enchanter and Geomancer first.

Name Attack Style Description
Enchanter Does not attack Powers up nearby enemies into much stronger Enchanted forms. If it gets too far away or dies, the Enchanted enemies will return to normal.
Fanatic Ranged Upgraded version of the Pillager.
Geomancer Does not attack Creates stone pillars around targets to block them and wall them in. Some pillars will start to flash and explode after a few seconds, dealing huge damage.
Illager Chef Melee Attacks with a Spatula, but has low health and attack power.
Pillager Ranged Fires arrows at targets. Runs away when a player gets too close.
Royal Guard Melee Approaches holding a shield and swings quickly with a mace. High HP.
Vindicator Melee Rushes at the target with an axe and swings repeatedly.

New Adversaries

These enemies haven't appeared in Vanilla Minecraft, but don't belong directly to the Illager ranks. They're quite fearsome, so learn their attack patterns to take them down.

Name Attack Style Description
Mooshroom Melee Walk slowly in hordes and approach to headbutt targets.
Necromancer Ranged Summons zombies and skeletons to attack targets, while also firing lightning bolts from a distance.
Wraith Ranged Summons fire beneath the player to deal damage. Teleports around to avoid attacks.

Summoned Mobs


These mobs only appear in special circumstances when summoned by a Boss. They can often be as threatening as the bosses themselves, so learn how to handle these pesky distractions from the main target.

Name Summoned by Attack Style Description
Conjured Slime Corrupted Cauldron Ranged Spits small purple projectiles around the screen to damage targets, even from a long distance. The more there are, the more projectiles will fill the screen.
Redstone Cube Redstone Monstrosity Melee Roll toward heroes, dealing damage on contact.
Skeleton Vanguard Nameless One Melee Walk in a row with shields to block the first attack, while slashing ahead with blades.
Vex Evoker Melee Flies quickly at the target and attacks with a knife.


Redstone Monstrosity1.jpg

Certain enemies with a power exceeding the others will appear with a health bar at the top of the screen. To learn how to defeat each of these Boss enemies, from the mid-level bosses like the Evoker and Enderman, to the arrogant Arch-Illager, read our detailed guides below!

Boss Fight Guide & List of All Bosses

Jungle Awakens DLC Mobs

Jungle Abomination Banner.jpg

The Jungle Awakens DLC introduces more mobs and a new boss exclusive to the Island Realms map. Although some of these are harmless, they cannot be compared to the dangers in the jungle that must be put back to sleep.

Name Attack Style Description
Corrupted Vines Does not attack Sprouts almost everywhere to distract or block players
Jungle Skeleton Ranged Shoots poisonous arrows
Jungle Zombie Melee Poisons target on hit
Leapleaf Melee Leaps and smashes a wide area
Ocelot Melee Charges at Creepers and attacks them
Panda Does not attack Loafs around
Poison Quill Ranged Shoots poisonous projectiles at a target
Whisperer Does not attack Summons Corrupted Vines and Poison Quills and can also snare players

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