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This is a strategy guide for beating Redstone Golem, a Boss in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn about Redstone Golem's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating them.

Redstone Golem | Battle Overview

Redstone Golem1.jpg

The Redstone Golem is first encounterd in Redstone Mines. Each of its swings pack a punch. It can also scatter lava mines around the area.

Best Equipment and Artifacts for Redstone Golem

Melee Armor Ranged
Wolf Armor
Harp Crossbow
Flaming Quiver Totem of Regeneration Boots of Swiftness

Maximize the use of Flaming Quiver to deal burning damage to the Redstone Golem.

Try to maintain full health with potions and the Totem of Regeneration to gain the damage boost from the Cowardice enchantment.

Redstone Golem Attacks and Abilities

Melee Attack

The Redstone Golem will approach the player before using its arms to attack. It is surprisingly quick for its size.

Lava Mines

It will stop chasing the player from time to time to make lava mines sprout around the area which deals damage on contact. They appear at random parts of the area.

Tips & Strategies for Beating Redstone Golem

Strategy Checklist

Do Not Step on the Mines


Obviously. The Redstone Golem will scatter a lot of them on random parts of the area. They disappear when you step on them (don't do it, though) or when the Redstone Golem replaces them by making new ones appear.

Be Aware of the Lava Pools


There are some lava pools in this area that may be difficult to notice since its color blends with its surroundings. You will suffer continuous damage when you fall in one of them which makes it harder to run from the golem while also dodging the lava mines. Remember the areas with lava pools and plan your route ahead when moving to a safe place.

Use Melee Attacks when It Stops


The Redstone Golem will stop when it starts to make lava mines sprout from the ground. During this short period, attack it like a madman and then roll away before it moves again. Using the Boots of Swiftness helps a lot in escaping, too.

Learn to Kite

"Kiting" refers to poking or attacking an enemy while maintaining an optimal or safe position. Since the Redstone Golem is chasing you most of the time, learn to kite it using your ranged weapon until it stops, where you can safely attack it with your melee weapon.

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20 Anonymousabout 7 hours

>>19 I don't have a choice but to kill it. Redstone Golems everywhere really sucks.

19 Anonymous5 days

>>18 But if there is a mob/boss that moves the same as the redstone golem, what would you do?

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