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This is Game8's walkthrough of the Arch Haven Mission in the game Minecraft Dungeons. Learn how to get through this level, what gear and artifacts can be found here, and tips and strategies for beating it!

Previous Mission Current Mission Next Mission
Pumpkin Pastures Arch Haven Soggy Swamp
Cacti Canyon
Redstone Mines

Basic Information

How to Unlock Arch Haven

Arch Haven is a Secret Mission which can be unlocked by finding one of the secrets in the previous Mission, Pumpkin Pastures. Check our guide below to find out how to unlock Arch Haven.

How to Unlock the Arch Haven Secret Mission

Weapon Drops

Feral Soul Crossbow ImageFeral Soul Crossbow Longbow ImageLongbow NightmareNightmare's Bite
Sickles ImageSickles Soul Scythe ImageSoul Scythe Soul Crossbow ImageSoul Crossbow
Voidcaller ImageVoidcaller Guardian Bow ImageGuardian Bow JailorJailor's Scythe
The Last Laugh ImageThe Last Laugh Red Snake ImageRed Snake Frost Scythe ImageFrost Scythe

Armor Drops

Mercenary Armor ImageMercenary Armor Renegade Armor ImageRenegade Armor ChampionChampion's Armor
GuardGuard's Armor

Artifact Drops

Light Feather ImageLight Feather Wind Horn ImageWind Horn Wonderful Wheat ImageWonderful Wheat
Love Medallion ImageLove Medallion

Recommended Power for Each Difficulty

Recommended Power
Default - - - - 22 27 33
Adventure - - - - 56 62 68
Apocalypse - - - - 91 97 103

Gear and Artifact Power for Each Difficulty

Gear and Artifact Power
Default - - - - 18-27 18-29
Adventure - - - - 18-37 18-39
Apocalypse - - - - 65-80 65-82

Note: These are base values and will increase based on highest Power reached.

Mission Objectives

Crash the Gates

Crash the Gates.jpg

From the ship, follow the markers through the island until you find a gate. Defeat the mobs outside to unlock it.

Reach the Village

Reach the Village.jpg

Continue following the markers until you reach the village. You will have to fight more mobs here than earlier so get ready.

Find All Spells

Find All Spells.jpg

After reaching the village, you will have to grab 3 spellbooks marked on your map. Doing so will unlock the gate leading to the next area.

Reach the Cave

You will find the entrance to the cave a short walk from the village.

Explore the Cave

Explore the Cave.jpg

Once inside the cave, follow the markers again while fending off the mobs that get in your way.

Find Another Exit

Find Another Exit.jpg

After passing through that rather small cave area, go to the other end to find the exit. Once back outside, move toward the marker until you are blocked by a gate. Defeat the mobs that appear to unlock it.

Sail Away!

A few more steps and you will reach the ship. The mission will end as soon as you step on it. Bon voyage!

Secret Locations

Cave Entrance


Just as you enter the cave, a chest will appear on the ledge above if you approach it. Roll through the ledges and gaps until you reach this chest.

Before Exiting the Cave


Another chest will appear as you pass by a ledge to the exit of the cave. Just roll over the gap accross this ledge to reach it.

Tips & Strategies

Check Every Area for Loot

Opened chest.jpg

Uncovering areas in the map will automatically mark chests if there are any. Be sure to check your map from time to time for loot and you can also do this during other missions!

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List of Missions

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