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Got some Emeralds to spend and not sure where and what to spend them on? Our guide below can inform you of what to spend your Emeralds on, how to get emeralds, and how to farm Emeralds easy.

What to Spend Emeralds On

There are only two shops you can spend Emeralds on, the Blacksmith who sells armor and weapons, and the Wandering Trader who sells Artifacts.

Equipment From the Blacksmith

Equipment from the Blacksmith.jpg
You can buy weapons, both melee and ranged, and armor from the Blacksmith. The first time you purchase an Artifact, it is around 80 Emeralds and increases after buying a certain amount of times. Whether it is going to be a melee weapon or armor is going to be random.

The equipment itself is also going to be random, so you could get anything from a Common Sword to a Unique weapon like Fighter's Bindings. But the range of the random equipment will be based on your Power Level while the Power of the weapon will be based on your level.

The Blacksmith is the place to go to spend Emeralds if you are looking to upgrade your weapons or armor.

List of Weapons and Armor
List of Weapons List of Armor

Artifacts From the Wandering Trader

Artifact from Wandering Trader.jpg
Here you can buy random Artifacts. These Artifacts are going to be random. For the first time purchasing, you will be spending around 110 Emeralds and will increase the amount after buying a certain amount of purchases. They can range from any of the Artifacts from missions that can be unlocked based on your Power Level while the Power of the Artifact itself will be dependant on your level.

List of All Artifacts

Where to get Emeralds

Dropped From Defeated Mobs

Emeralds Dropped by Mobs.jpg
When defeating mobs there is a chance that mobs will drop Emeralds. Defeating several mobs will always gain you some Emeralds from those encounters. Having the Enchantment Prospector will also increase the chance of Emeralds dropping upon defeating a mob.

Breaking Vases

Emeralds From Vases.jpg
You can find vases scattered around in missions. These vases can be destroyed by interacting with them and will drop Emeralds upon breaking.

Found in Chests

When opening chests, not only will equipment or Artifacts will drop, but you will also be given Emeralds. Try to find all the chests that are available in the mission!

All Obsidian Chest Locations

From Salvaging Equipment

Salvaging Equipment.jpg
Another way to get Emeralds is by salvaging your weapons, armor, or Artifacts. This is what you should do for anything in your inventory that is underleveled and is just gathering dust. It does not give much each salvage, but if you end up hoarding a lot of stuff, it can add up to a huge amount of Emeralds.

How to Get Emeralds Fast

Farming Emeralds

Prospector Activated.jpg
You can farm Emeralds to get as much as you can so you can spend on them and upgrade your equipment. With enough Emeralds, you are sure to get a Unique weapon and Artifacts suited for your level. Check out our farming guide below to farm those Emeralds and get those loot!
How to Farm Emeralds (Money) Fast

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